Sunday, May 24, 2020


On Monday, August 14, 2017 I had published here a post with the same title. However, given that science meditation have moved forward quite a bit I thought it to be interesting to deepen a bit my research on the matter – aside that the Youtubes I had posted in it, are now gone….. – this is simply the main reason to justify my talking about the same subject twice in my blog, things have changed so much and our understanding in this field has gotten so different that I feel the need to update my learning and reporting of this.
Let me say that academically the definition of mind and soul is certainly clear, because it says that “The soul is the spiritual nature of man while mind is man's faculty of thinking and reasoning”.
Therefore, while the soul is considered the essence of men while the mind is in charge of men's consciousness and thoughts.



Monday, April 20, 2020


Let me summarize today where I see that we are simply a stage of civilization with its evolution analysis of this "virus phenomenon"  in the very beginning of this "crisis" I had made a note to myself saying that if it isn't something coming from the "illuminati" (those who claim that we NEVER went to the moon) I hope it isn't Russia that - since it gave us D. Trump as president - the communists have figured out the way to completely destroy our capitalistic economy and take over the USA, but then I started to think to where the virus comes from and while China has been structured around communist beliefs......they seem too eager to become very capitalistic like us too, but we must remind you where the last  pandemic came from (China, again). This world had to survive was the bubonic plague that in those times killed 40% of the European population, about 200 million people.....I mean, what the heck have we learned from our own damn past? Today we have the best scientists using probably the best lab equipment we can build plus some of the strongest antibiotics mankind has ever developed. So, what’s happening now, are we going to lose 40% of the billions of people we are on this planet today? Is it because .....we forgot how to deal with a new virus ? All I can say is that I hope that those who'll give lives to this yet new pandemic are those who lived a life that had them NOT commit the only capital sin.....i.e. to hurt someone else, in whichever way (word or sword).  In fact I had said in my blog here few weeks ago that the next New York of the future will be Shanghai, therefore it's probably smarter to have our kids study Chinese. Chinese will simply replace the English language in a not too far future....I mean we've taught the way to make/mass-produce some of the best products that it's taken several centuries to companies in Europe including the USA) to "invent, develop and refine for mass production".
How much longer will it be for the Chinese people to become a consumer's driven society once they start to have some "spending money" in their pockets and great products to own and to personally use?
In addition I'm fairly confident that the world's future will be more Chinese than Russian....but just look at the number of people....China beats Russia 2 to 1 J.
Now let me add something more calming for all who are terrified by this COVID 19, named corona-virus too.
The principal difference with this pandemic is that you can get this virus and survive!.
We are starting to realize that a hell of a lot of people have already had this virus and are still living fine. Everything that we are doing to allegedly "survive this thing" is just a giant overkill that the politicians are using to destroy our economy. I do not believe that this “pandemic” is any worse than the influenza that goes around this globe every year. Time will tell, but if we don’t get this country back to work we will be living in a communist world.
Finally I have the urge to apologize to the (too) many unnamed neuropsychologists I hatefully made reference to, here in the past, I in fact I recently understood that it isn’t because the “understanding” of the person I am (way superior in intelligence, education and experience J), that they decided to “stuck” to my back a couple of totally ignorant losers /money-robbers such as conservators usually are. It’s in fact been the total inability to understand and apply the - very poorly - laid out conservatorship laws themselves that have put me in the position I’ve been in for way too long mainly thanks to the mother of my 2 wonderful children/treasures and to my “sold out” true sister in Italy….both still unjustly and undeservingly carrying my last name.
Anyway, I hope to have made it clear that my fury isn’t directed anymore towards the pitiful neuropsys – no matter that they shall know very well of the consequences of their very poorly written (with their feet) assessments made about real victims, just like me.
My furious anger is now directed towards those 2 very pitiful judges (Ventura and Santa Barbara) who- I guess – to be safer than sorry – decided (using their unmeasurable powers and unquestionable rightfulness) to glue to my back two “legalized” arrogant thieves.
Now, let me conclude this - yet again - angry post with few - obviously religious...I hit my head - thoughts, or that aside that I know precisely and (maybe too) well what afterlife those two (judges) plus two (conservators) are surely going to have, let me add the 2 judges and their own earthly gods are (already now) taking care of the injustice they carried on to me, just one of victims.
Without “naming names” I can say with high confidence that the recently retired (with high honors) judge in Ventura, not only can forget the beautiful and valuable Christmas gifts he had been receiving as long as he was in charge of conservatorship decisions, has already developed (I was told for the second time) a very painful prostate cancer that will bring him straight where he’ll independently decide to be in eternity.
As for the one here in town, I believe it to be sadly too visible that her brain is highly damaged……a brain that doesn’t take care at all of the body that’s part of, can only be very badly damaged, if in addition to the afterlife that judge will give to itself I say that the spine has started to grow already procuring inhuman pains and…increased natural arrogance.


Tuesday, March 10, 2020


As a matter of fact in doing my (very) pitiful attempts to show that I’m able to count to 3, I was even given the opportunity/challenge to demonstrate that I can manage my money on my own, without the need to have a conservator take care of it, for me.
What (very sadly 4 me) happened is that all I proved is that I’m still a loving husband and super-dad.
But let me now give some details of this “pitiful financial trial😢Because for me too make this statement abundantly clear I can share few important details about the way my test took place – no matter that my own attorney disagrees with me – so here we go:
·       My starting amount of money to “play with” was the enormous amount of $3K
·       Given that my brain is injured I had no access whatsoever to any type of credit either from the bank where my “initial cash amount” was deposited in my name
·       Same goes for what concerns credit cards of any name and type
·       My former wife came in my room one afternoon just as I was looking at my bank account online and moved – barely asking – to move $2K into her own (same bank but different locations), right after I started to secretly hosted my dear son at night in my room where he slept on the floor for about 2 weeks.
·       Each and every night he came he asked me to loan a $20 bill that “I’m going to return as soon as I’m paid for my work (he was truly working in a restaurant on State Street and in a couple of other places…….also an ice creamery in downtown
·       I had no idea that the money he was “borrowing” from me (his only true dad)was spent only to buy marijuana to make joints to smoke with his friends.
·       After having “borrowed” about $2.000 I firmly told him that - while he kept “borrowing" money from me - I was still waiting to see the first reimbursement and that was the time when he was living in a rental with few other “friends”, I don’t want to think how many joints they were all smoking every night
·       That was actually the time when we were talking together about our lives and it’s when I understood with great clarity the reason why my son was getting stoned so much, which explained why he was always short of money.
·       His looking to find an escape from his every day’s life to go in the marijuana’s world was – rather simply – because his mother was trying to impose on him and his sister that dr. B. as “their "father figure”, the fact that B. used to be my own physiatrist had I went into a life of very violent rage on a 24/7 trend.
·       Therefore I tried for weeks to instruct my son to kill that rotten individual and make it look like an “accident provoked by a minor……too immature to be able to clearly understand how dangerous it was what had happened to that piece of crap.
·       I was crying recently on the phone with his mother when telling her of the number of times I had instructed my Brent to hurt that doctor B. red so badly and so much that the being would be begging to be killed to at least end his pain (just one of my plans for the “sinners”).
·       This is exactly what Brent’s mother pretends to not understand: my Brent went into Marijuana smoking to escape the reality that his mother was trying to force into both of my treasures…..” that rotten B. (she was fucking for money) as their “father figure” (just like I hadn’t survived my incident). The result of Brent’s mother behavior is that Brent is now already locked in a horrible jail around L.A. for minimum 10 years and I’m absolutely sure that the way he’ll get out of that prison is going to be in a gray plastic bag. Will this be my own fault? Please do know that not only I was company president in several different companies (based  both in the USA and in EU), but I used to tell to the financial team the way I wanted to see (calculated and organized) the "my way"  
Now, I want to ask to my readers, to please comment here below.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020


 …. or “illegal” fairness (you choose).
It’s been 15 years (in pain) already since a stupid collision between me (riding my great Cannondale bicycle) and a car (driven by a driving license AND brain less idiot), not only I lost my job (I had just been appointed as president of TEVA sandals in the Deckers group), my family (in both sides of the Atlantic) and personal freedom (robbed from me by a couple of criminal idiots).
Up to few months ago I was convinced that my having “personal conservators” was primarily the effect of my “inability” to resolve an elementary equation that has the sole minuscule difficulty represented by the rather large number of elements to keep in mind for the correct solution of the calculation (the very reason why I was always – correctly - offered a piece of paper with a pen –that I never used).
What in reality is the reason why I’ve been imprisoned/commanded by real ignorant and truly lazy conservators, has nothing to do with the result of my “performance in the neuropsychological assessments (about which I want to directly excuse myself for all the negativity – insults and crap - I posted here about them), it’s been in fact both the way these laws were written and finalized plus the complete inability of the judges who used them, without any clue of their effects on the “victims”
IF we were in Italy I can think of at least a dozen of ways that everyone involved with such horror could make cash “under the table” out of situations like mine (i.e. attach a human leech/loser to the back of victims).
BUT since we live in the US of A…..or in “the land of the free” our legal system would rather enslave people who – after having failed some idiotic neuro- psychological evaluation – lose any and all types of freedom anyone is born with on top of this  “enslavement” that’s medical, personal, legal and monetary anyone can see very clearly an example of collusion between judges  (the providers) and receivers (in EVERY sense/meaning of the word…….) and the losers/criminals.(like the block who’s been  “conserving” me and my international wealth without a clue that all he’s been doing is solely at his own expenses )

Friday, February 21, 2020


Few of my readers here asked if – rather than focusing on quantum science and religious or spiritual subjects I should talk a little about the country I’m from……boy oh boy don’t even know where to start …. BUT after thinking to it for little time, I decided that rather than talking about the art wonders “created” in my country (that anyone can see and learn about in any of the hundreds of libraries in this country) it’s much better to talk about the (rather unique) way my country developed into the Italy it is today.
In fact just think for a moment about the influence toward the entire occidental world of today and compare it to the Roman Empire…….you can see very clearly and immediately that you are fully surrounded by what the ancient Romans developed 2K years ago and here too the list is way, way too long, from the right to vote for women to the aqueducts to bring running fresh water in every home” where the Romans where living, the appreciation to arts of all kinds, the use of marble in construction and ….one of the major architectural  wonders in the entire world…..the arch, not only used in building the roman aqueduct, but in amazing constructions like the Pantheon, that still stands today, no matter the earthquakes and the 2 world wars, in addition – as I had tried to say here earlier – the entire Catholic religion, with its Jesus and his miracles,  the apostles and its own carbon copy……the Vatican where the pope is the true emperor, the entire prelate is structured identical to the roman army and what the Vatican can do – without anyone/ting ever put one word in it – can only be related to what an empire can do even today..
Now, aside the (way too long and complex) part about the Risorgimento, with Garibaldi, Mazzini and all the other heroes of that time, I believe that the only one thing that made Italy and the Italians the way we are today is – leaving out the geographical unification of the land (today divided in regions) and the common use of the “Italian language” and the solid presence of the Vatican empire.
You need to know that prior to its unification and liberation from foreign empires (i.e. Austria, Spain, Greece, Croatia and France) Italians weren’t really able to communicate among each other (aside in the Vatican, where the “official language” has been since its beginning…..the Roman’s Latin), which use was interrupted not too long ago, anyway – to go back to the main subject of this post (influence of the Vatican empire on Italy’s formation in the country of Italy), the people who lived in the Tuscany region spoke some kind of slang (dialetto) very much influenced by the French language (France is just across the Alps, today there’s a simple tunnel under the mountains), in Sicily the influence was the Greek language (here too, the number of miles in distance by sea is truly little), in the "Veneto" region - where my “mother town” Verona is and Venice are located - the influence was different among them, German in Verona, Turkish and Croatian in Venice.
I believe it to be very clear that nobody can call a geographical location “a country” if people can’t understand what they say to each other……
As I had previously said here it was with Dante A. and his Comedy when people were finally able to communicate, no matter where they are from.
BUT let’s never forget that it was Dante and his comedy that (infinitely astonishingly) very heavily influenced (if not even imposed) the way the Vatican empire and the entire Catholic religion have been since the Comedy became very popular, in fact can you explain the reason why after we die “our souls” get to be judged by our God (creator of it allout there in the universe wearing a light blue tunic who,based on His judgement, fully related to the universal force of gravity (His own creation too….) determines whether you/your soul will spend eternity being savagely tortured (hell), OR “not in hell but not too far” from heaven (Purgatory knowing the “how much longer.”) is going to be before “earning access to heaven” OR go straight to heaven right after death (very, very few).
I mean, WTF has the Catholic religion carbon copied what Dante A. wrote in his Comedy, when he, himself stated (in writing) that his inspiration and source to write on paper his comedy just came from stories that street beggars were telling to each other in the 12th century on the streets? Oh well, you know when the emperor (the Pope) orders to believe in such buffoonery AND to believe it to be true what may we (the monkeys) have to complain? ”fuck this is the word from God….we all best listen to it or……. “OK now comes my next question:
IF the emperor/Pope of this empire represents God’s word here on earth WTF we’ve recently seen so many (3) God’s voices resign their “Holy mandate” when already accepted their papacy? What are we (the monkeys) supposed to think that there may be behind this weird (at least) situation? In looking around the google Italy I discovered – on top of what I just said I was able to find (yeah!) few YouTube and websites in English, I mean if you can’t “open your wallet” this time maybe I can make this blog a private one.


Thursday, February 20, 2020


The true, pure love in your heart will burn all your character flaws away, enabling you to treat your spouse with perfect kindness and respect. This is bullshit.
I love Michele - no matter that she cheated on me - in the time when I most needed my best friend to be close to me and remain to be supportive. I could keep on loving M. my spouse (now no longer wife L) even while doing any number of unethical things.
The only one reason used as the cause for cheating on me is my accident with the brain injury. In general, men are more likely than women to cheat: 20% of men and 13% of women reported that they've had sex with someone other than their spouse while married. (being a faithful husband means that I’m a stupid loving man blinded by the love for my true wife….)
My way to cope with being cheated on has been (this far) to imagine the ways to end in some brutal, very painful, ways the lives of each and every motherfucker (can’t say what I’ve been planning to personally do…..)  Practically what drove me and my
Queen to separation (divorce) was:
  ·       Sexual desire.  (typical when women turn into their forties, or into their fifties)
  ·       Neglect. (from me obviously)
  ·       Situation. (No comment…..)
  ·       Low commitment. (oh! Yeah big surprise)
  ·       Nonexistent self-esteem (evident!)
  ·       Anger (sure!)
Our marriage can surely survive this onslaught of feelings. However, some marriages are not meant to be saved. If the infidelity is one of many symptoms of emotional abuse in our relationship I'll never be ready to work through our problems.
Very obviously there are thousands of books about rebuilding trust, exercise forgiveness, meditation and so on, including other psychological shit of that kind.
My own method is going to simply be very direct and objective…….simply based on reality (that’s always been the compass of my life).
My (simple) plan is in fact to use the unlimited powers of my mind (impossible to ever injure) to procure the most immense pain to those mother fuckers (M. is a mother), pain that will preferably be physical (makes me feel better ….I can see it J) and surely conscious too (the pen is mightier than the sword) so that (at least) all kinds of shit will happen to the ones they love the most while still alive and I best not mention the type of eternity they all are going to receive very soon.
Of course this is certainly going to happen to them UNLESS they are sufficiently smart (I fully doubt it) that the correct idea comes to their minds (possibly at the first bad misfortune will happen either to themselves or those who they love dearly), on this particular subject I’m able to predict with high confidence that motherfucker #1 or the boldy MD B. Red is very soon going to realize the difficulties to be the father or the father of a disabled (mentally and/or physically) kid, who will suck out of him time, energy and wealth so much that in less time than you can imagine, he will stress his matrimonial relationship to the highest possible level. I just want to conclude that - since love is the most powerful force in our universe, my Queen is absolutely incorrect in saying that after all she's been doing to me, if I still love her it's only because "my brain is clearly injured if I can still love her like I've always done"....well readers ...given that 3 (not just one) well respected neuropsys assessed me as a man totally unable to count to 3, she maybe even be right....BUT where are you going to find someone like me?(your only true god)? Sorry M. but my love for you cannot be eliminated only because you opened your leg to allow to some filthy - very soon to be ended loser   - to tuck you with pleasure.....MY INFINITE LOVE FOR YOU WILL HAVE TO CONFRONT ANOTHER TRUE GOD WAY STRONGER THAN ME, TO END IT ALL.....FUCK ALL THOSE LOSERS (I do know who you are already and I'll take care of you all personally).