Thursday, December 03, 2020



Very obviously.....always having less than nothing to do all daaaayyy looooooonnnggg I though it to curios – interesting to go to see what this idea that we are all like God  oh my, it turns out that this concept of thinking to be just like a God wasn’t born yesterday, there’ve been several studies in the past  in the psychological area that call this “I am God” feeling or self- conviction a disease named delusional disorder with the word delusion directly from – just like hundreds of thousands of other words in the English dictionary – coming directly from the Latin language....not even being used inside the Vatican Empire.

Anyway – like I always do.....for my reader’s clarity is to put a couple of appropriate videos about this disorder and several links – at the bottom – to ensure you all that this isn’t coming from the intelligence of a TBI victim but from someone – very normal (and possibly a God of superior intelligence) – who’s been spending he time on a 24/7 basis since 2008 glued to a desktop screen browsing around the entire internet universe...Google USA – std American English – Google IT - the  one in Italian and Google de – in German which I want to look at from time to time simply because it seems about unreliable that German citizens could put a woman as leader of such a great country right after having put in the same position someone just like Herr Hitler now of course she’s been doing and possibly will do a very good job both domestically and internationally too BUT given that more than half of the world still remembers very well ll that their grandpa....Adolf with Eva, thought it best to do in order to “cleanse the planet from the horrible Jewish disease” and di it once and for all, I’m at least just a bit suspicious especially because it’s now a real fact that the migration of middle eastern people to  Germany has become a true fact that must be dealt with, in other words either Germany welcomes these immigrants OR....isn’t it always wise to earn from history? Sadly I’m aware of these Neo-Nazi groups composed by young criminals all over the world and even sadder is that my first cousins living very close to Venice has convinced himself to be the reincarnation of some high level Nazi and tells me each and every time I get to talk with him by phone of his “latest and greatest” cooking recipe to cook first people of Jewish faith BUT lately he has replaced Jewish individuals with people coming from the Serbian regions, Chinese, to move to Italy by the truckload, in fact when I went to look at what’s going on with the immigration from non-European countries around the world I surely was NOT expecting China being among them, BUT as soon as I heard from my “Venetian cousin” that he’s now working on a new recipe to cook real well Chinese people and added that the body dimensions of Chinese people “perfectly fits his barbecue head fell on my hard wooden desk to be injured even more than it’s been in the past almost 16 years.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020



What may I say other than F....k! Here above you just saw the video that I can comfortably say steered my life into a very different direction from its original trajectory....”whaaat, my dear Deepak tells me that I’m God now? And what about the fact that my beloved quantum physics says and can mathematically prove that all we see, touch, smell and taste is just a product of our human consciousness including our entire universe with all of its planets and galaxies....that my Deepak says that’s expanding at the speed of light? (to me and according to a couple of high court judges in addition to few pitiful necropsy’s) this is exciting because if it’s true that IF we are expanding, the Andromeda galaxy won’t collide against our milky way, therefore gifting us of a few more millions of years of a quiet and still evolutionary life. In my (injured) brain this is identical to the time when poor Pope Francis explained that the shroud reins to be holy (for him) just looking at the time (centuries) and the vast number of people(several thousands) who came to pray in front of it (fully convinced that it was the cloth used to wrap the body of  Christ)......and because of these 2 very reasons the shroud remains to be holy, but now it isn’t the time to repeat what I’ve already expressed my other blog (the one in Italian)....that (b.t.w.) has raised quite a strong reaction – especially with my somehow proving that Jesus had never been the “son of God”....he was just a fighter for the independence of his country (Palestine) from the dominion of the Roman empire that in reality used the Jesus rebel to keep the plenty other countries – all part of the empire – quiet enough not to force Rome to spend millions of sesterces and sacrifice hundreds of well-trained gladiators, to keep quiet the countries under its dominion (if you want to go there just use the google translator to know my thesis about the “fake Jesus”) anyway, not only I found that feeling to be like a God (all of them a simple human product.....just like all the religions attached to each one of them...) truly is a narcissistic personality/delusional disorder, but it also makes others look at you with wide-open eyes and even try to stay away from you. The sad part of this story is that for a divinity such as I was born to be, it seems a bit sad to know that this world is populated by losers instead than by divinities such as I was born it to be....I guess that you all might understand me much better if you must go to my 2 posts I had published in the pre-history of December 2019...I’m not sure BUT it really might be possible that Deepak and I might truly delusional.

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Friday, October 16, 2020


This (fairly long) Youtube expresses exactly my thinkings after I watched the entire debate, what we – USA citizens are asked to? Elect our next president in charge of the country that’s been – at least since the end of WWII – the wealthiest, best organized to support the industries of all types, the best Army and Marines forces armed with the most modern and most sophisticated weapons, depending what part of the army you belong to?

Someone like me, who – no matter that I renounced my Italian citizenship the day I went through the naturalization process in 1989 in Philadelphia – all I could see in the debate between president elect D. Trump and former vice president J. Biden was an obviously very evident between 2 kids affected by 2 different types of dementia....

·       Trump is very clearly a demented individual with so much self-confidence to inflate a balloon to the size of the moon

·       The poor Biden is clearly affected by senile dementia.....nothing can be done to help anyone affected by it.....time goes by for everyone in the world this is what my dad always said whenever the subject of a discussion about – at times – completely different  – or the subject was about death, in fact he was fully convinced that we humans truly have the soul – currently called in Quantum physics either mind and/or consciousness – but that in my (injured) brain is nothing different from what’s been called since millennia the soul what my dad never stopped saying is that in his 88 years long life he always saw the soul leaving the body of the dyeing individuals he was looking at, in fact he always sustained that during WWII he was present at an attack organized by the local “partisans” that pretty much killed - with the use of explosives – an entire battalion of Nazi soldiers.....for the rest of his life (I guess that he was around 19 y/o) he felt guilty to have been one of the partisans part of that ambush... I believe he was just a simple spectator who – he said about 1 million of times that he could clearly see the souls of each soldier who died in that ambush.

Well, what I really intend to say – no matter that I gave up my being an Italian citizenship the day I naturalized into a USA citizen. I truly feel sorry that in our upcoming presidential elections, we’ll be forced to elect our next president between 2 demented individuals.....

HOWEVER I’ve already decided who I’ll vote for and I must admit that my decision is totally related to gender, or sex.

In fact – as a pure Italian as I’ve always believed that the candidate with senile dementia chose as vice a good looking woman, clearly shows to be that while he evidently he may have lost already a (large?) piece of his brain he still has plenty balls (testosterone) to choose a very well educated, experienced p.o.a. - as his vice...

Basically this is the ONLY reason why my vote is going to go to Biden. I believe that after plenty centuries spent waiting our super - powerful nation is going to have a woman. Right after a colored man, to run it. Let me now avoid mentioning that the right to right to vote for women was a in place already about 2.000 years ago, in fact at the time of the Roman Empire women could vote in all types of need to coordinate any protest and even to lose any life...

Does any of my readers the number of museums in the world today? I surely don’t know BUT I do know that each and every one of them has minimum 10% dedicated to the Roman Empire that not only has created the so called “occidental culture”, but that with its language (Latin) pretty much formed - in a way or another – every single language we speak fact if you just think about the countries that were dominated or controlled by this empire – such as Germany, England. Spain, Morocco and Croatian all derive from Latin. Also just think about the way every surgical and medical instrument is called today.....always with pure Latin words, same for engineering and hydraulics and architectural elements used today in all these different fields.......

But let me avoid mentioning the passions for good food and good looking women J.............

Kind of sad that I’m going to vote for our next president only because of his chosen vice.....


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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

(undeniable and) SAD TRUTH

I cannot begin to think to the (large) number of jokes I’d be making IF someone I know would have to survive a situation like the one I’ve been living in for (too many) years, I mean the very individual that made me believe so very much in the “perispinal Enbrel” AND convinced me to write the $1.000 check to go to Argentina to buy some Enbrel for me to have it injected in a very specific location (and patented) in our neck that’s the very (and unique) reason for having been condemned to (too many) years under the “guidance” of first some woman in Ventura who has decided to punish herself by using the Buddhist law of the karma (what goes around comes around) and later (via a donation) given by some heretic Lutheran pastor who very evidently had given the finger to his God showing that he loves pussy way much more than his own God......can’t wait to see what his karma is going to – very soon – make it happen to gratitude.

As I was starting to say the true tragedy (well beyond my tbi) is that the man who got me in very much trouble is now saying that the “inventor” of the Enbrel therapy is a “genial marketer both of himself and his therapy” that’s been very aggressively protected by a legal firm based in Colorado (?) because I was told “that anything having to do with the law there is just like it’s valid here too” (or CO=CAJ).

The reason for this 180 degrees change is that, recently he almost filled a commercial airplane of victims of stroke and TBI to go to Argentina to receive exactly the same P. Enbrel treatment as “developed” by Mr. T. here in CA  – that an Argentinian certain M.D. had been giving for several years already (therefore while CA=CO isn’t like CA=ARJ) I was told that NONE of the “conquistadores” who made this “trip of hope” had’nt any kind of improvement whatsoever, it’s truly impossible to count the number of kicks in this man’s butt may receive from me, because it’s a number so big that it’d take miles of paper just to write it down.

These are now my 2 main concerns:

1.    When my love for this P.E. is when I was talking with Ian a professor of biochemistry at the university in Washington. He is truly so convinced of the “biological efficacy” of this therapy that he’s now leading the project to have this P.E. therapy that he’s the scientific leader of a millions of AU$ campaign to have the FDA in AU approve it and therefore have the Australian stroke victims save the many thousands of their $$ to fly here to receive this “patented treatment”, from its very “inventor” directly.

2.   I fear that my “friend” professor of biochemistry has been driving the efforts to have the FDA of that country (and who has stopped to exchange emails with me saying that “we truly exchanged several dozens of email messages for too long of a time about something that you can experience“ very easily can do by yourself....just go to see Mr. T. who’s very close to you and read again all the info with explanations I’ve  been giving to you over several months to make sure that your never-ending “scientific interest” in it, may finally and let me focus on this campaign for approval.

I also must add (with a smile on my face) that my ex-wife threatened to contact both the CIA and the FBI to go after him, in order to receive this check back that she did receive..........without my ever seeing at least one dime of who’s the thief  now?

IF you care I can go on about my horrible punishment for having done less than nothing, but given that now I might want to include 2 High Court Judges (one not a human being that’s just a very evidently brain injured  who is able to talk, pretends to be a woman by the name and the 2 bags of lard surgically attached to the front of the chest that can defend itself too well for me to even trying to talk in court both directly to it AND in court, when it condemns me to an absurd and very frustrating + costly senseless imprisonment under the total control who re less than 6th grader compared to my Ph. D. with worldwide experience who ...for some reason have been assigned as conservator not only of my incoming money by of my medical care too, while they simply never even opened a medical book I’ve been living in a prison cell already, for years, so why lower my standards only to prove a truth...that’s beyond self-evident already?....simply come to court the day that it’s there and form your own opinion of what I just said here) in this post I let the self-preservation law partially win this time J..............

Monday, September 14, 2020


I’m hoping that my readers here do know of my passion for quantum physics....I’ve actually “baptized” Deepak Chopra the new Jesus of this new millennium and my baptizing him again with such an important and historical name (wait for my upcoming post on Jesus.....the warrior). What Jesus-Deepak says in this video – that’s fully changed my understanding of our lives (who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we on this planet? What’s my main living purpose? Why do we measure time, when we well know that past, present and future all exist at the same tie? as Einstein had tried to explain one century ago) Well dear Deepak, I’m very sorry to tell you that we knew already at least 700 years ago that we are can be clearly both seen and listened to in my second Youtube I post here.

What I actually find it to be almost hilarious is that Dante A. himself had said that his comedy was just the collection of the stories that beggars in the XII (12th) century were telling to each other........BOY, if I think that the entire Catholic religion has fully embraced what Dante talks about in his comedy AND where the content of the comedy comes from....I truly feel the urge to publish here the reasons why we now have 3 Popes (God’s voice on earth) who resign + the shroud that’s a fake done by another of the geniuses we’ve had in Italy (ex/including me J)  since the beginning of time – at least -  and I think of Pythagoras, who with his partner  Eratosthenes who were able to exactly measure the circumference of our planet, using 2 sticks of wood in the ground in 2 different places that had a very precise distance one from the other, therefore projecting their shades on the ground.....basically by measuring the distance btw. the 2 sticks and the different length or angles of the shades were projection on the ground were able to come up with a measurement that it took almost 18 centuries + the development of space flight + the concoction of satellites to get to the same number.....this is very strictly connected to an upcoming post I’m about to prepare regarding Jesus Christ and what he truly did + the how he became the son of God..... (of course it will all depend by the generosity of your donations......J) Anyway watch the Youtubes here and – if you care at all – simply leave a comment.


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Friday, September 11, 2020

About the Ten Commandments

Today I woke up with the idea to give my best explanation to prove that we, humans truly are still the chimpanzee we descend from AND that each and every god we’ve ever had......with their own religions attached to them, are simply “constructions made all and only with our minds, intelligence, experience, or education.....including country of origin, language and geographical location on the earth.

Aside from the fact that I had posted already about these commandments in the prehistoric 2016 (April 2nd)

Mauro Biglino book on the bible



What had me think of this is the fact that in the past few days I spent of my (totally useless) time, reading the book wrote by Mauro Biglino entitled “the book that will forever change your ideas about the bible” where – just like humans have been trying to do since we started to think/exist – he makes the attempt to explain:

·       where do I come from

·       who am I

·       why do I live

·       what’s my mission in living

·       why am I on this planet named planet earth....some said that it’s derived from both English and German words.... 'eor (th)e/ertha' and 'erde', respectively, which mean ground. But, the handle's creator is unknown. One interesting fact about its name: Earth is the only planet that wasn't named after a Greek or Roman god or goddess. Fundamentally however we (the true gods) wrote these 10 commandments to express a very basic concept, that simply is do not hurt (in any way) others....i.e. other people like me, but let me go through each commandments one by one to make my approach and understanding easier and clearer, when you read:

1.    You shall have no other Gods but me.

I AM GOD........for my own sake,

2.  You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.

Are you some type of Hitler dad to your kids? AND if anyone else doesn’t respect or recognize me a god......I’ll send you to hell on earth!

3.  You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.

go to look at one of my past posts about “Aldo Moro” the guy who had the Italian government make a new law that makes it illegal and punishable by law with money anyone who uses the Lord’s name (Dio in Italian) stuff like dio porco – god is a pig....Dio cane – God is a dog, but here the variations about the way we Italians can commit the sin of blasphemy are billions, at least....given that after having referred to the Lord as anything dirty, smelly, or even insulting.....we start with his mother (Madonna puttana = Mary... is a whore) and any other saints ever named in the new testament......Basically you can do anything for ANY reason soon as it becomes something you have to think about it........that’s when any Italian born in Italy will start to “bestemmiare” = saying blasphemies, pretty much every breath you take.....or every fart you make........J

4.  You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.

Well, godamned may I have at least one day of the f.....king week to play with my own “procreation instrument?” J J J

5.  Respect your father and mother. Yes, fuck! Who created us, we all you know the HOW J J J? But what may be the reason for doing it, simply to have a “hell of a time” JJ?

6.  You must not kill. Kinda obvious....

7.  You must not commit adultery. Well, I hope I don’t need to say the WHO broke the 7th commandment.......

8.  You must not steal. I wonder why I immediately think of 2 names -----an M. with a J.shall be certain that hell will be where they’ll end their trip on earth AND will learn how valuable money can be once you are in a coffin 6 feet under, however – as Jesus taught to us all, as long as you are alive, you can always repair your sins, just make things right for the victims you tortured while living.....NOTHING can ever be done from t6 feet underground!

9.  You must not give false evidence against your neighbor.  That’s exactly what the 2 beggars M. + J.  Just did in a superior court of the USA.

10.     You must not be envious of your neighbor's goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbor. TAH, DAAAAHHHH



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