Saturday, June 22, 2019


Given that I organized my angel Giorgia to meet both my cousins who live in Milan – as they have been living since their birth – today I want spend few words about the (important) cousin I have, who since goes by last name Lingiardi like me, is my paternal cousin, son of my dad’s brother – zio Dino who too used to be a pretty important man in his work, while my own dad was in fact the C.E.O. of the US company Massey Ferguson Dino was the C.E.O. of Alfa Romeo, in fact , why the heck my parents cars always were of this brand? I can say that practically I grew up inside an Alfa Romeo and I can say the model names of these cars at least since the late 60ies, what puts a smile on my face is that since my father had by contract a company car, my mother used to drive one too…..the passed on from her husband … dad.
What I remember most about my zio Dino is the huge amount of cigarettes he was always smoking (on the beach by the sea while on vacation too) in fact this is the reason of his passing over way younger than my dad (my dad was 88 and zio Dino was probably 78….not sure though) my dad told me that the way zio Dino died was by suffocation, his lungs were filled of carbon and therefore couldn’t put fresh oxygen in the blood – on the side I can repeat that my dad being in the hospital room when his brother Dino passed over, he said to have clearly seen Dino’s soul leaving his body.
I want to add that at Dino’s funeral there were at least 2.000 people, once the church got completely  filled, people filled the entire square in front.
The name Dino was the simple nickname (or shortening) of the name he was baptized with….Alfredino and this is the name we always used since I was still a puppy myself.
Now – as you can see in both the links and Youtubes in English (took me till midnight to find them last night) Vittorio is a pretty major psychologist, who has published several books in his field already AND is a current professor at the probably most important university in Italy….La Sapienza in Rome (capital of Italy, my birth-state), in fact I know that he travels every week by speed train between Milan (where his studio of practice is) and Rome (where the university where he teaches is located).
I cannot say it to be too easy to get him on the phone, email or Skype, but every time I can do it, we can still laugh about the many summer vacations we did together, in particular one of the funniest was when we went (both families) to Greece.
Of course I was the aggressive scuba diver I always was while he was into the culture and history of that part of Greece.
We were in fact in the middle of the Kalcidik peninsulas where the inhabitants chose the armistice with Sparta. 
The Olympic Games, Nemea and Isthmia were the most important athletic events in the ancient times which marked the history of Greek civilization and the athletic spirit. What I remember as an interesting “exploration” we did while vacationing there is the boat excursion we did to Mount Athos that’s one these 3 peninsulas right in front of the ne we were vacationing in (at a very large and very luxurious hotel) that’s filled of religious monks who live (and die) as hermits in the caves spread all around the very steep slopes of that mountainous peninsula.
The funniest episode I have memory of our being there is when zio Dino decided to test my pneumatic spear-head gun to fish underwater.
Well here’s how he thought to do the test:
“we were all sitting over the inflatable rubber sides of our Zodiacs and zio Dino took my “medisten” to shoot the harpoon over the sea-surface to look I don’t know what, of course the harpoon is tied to the “gun” with a nylon cord, which made the harpoon bounce back as soon as it reached the end of the cord……well, it’s easy to imagine that when the harpoon bounced back, it just put a hole in the inflatable side of his Zodiac, I cannot even begin to say the amount of insults and very offensive adjectives my dad screamed to his brother Dino, it took 3 full days to repair the hole using a very special type of glue.
This instance was about as funny as when Vittorio’s sister (Alba) was screaming at the top of her lungs out of the car’s window where she was (her dad Dino) craaackeeers because very hungry, we still talk and laugh about it now…..40+ years later.
Bottom line my own cousin – the very important and highly respected psychologist he has become - shares the same opinion of my mother (his aunt) in saying that there’s nothing wrong with the way I think, process information, logic and intelligence, BUT given that he isn’t a (US patented) neuropsich. There’s truly nothing he can say or do for me neither has he had any confidence (trust) in the US conservatorship laws…
Now I’m very pleased to say that my angel Giorgia is going to meet Vittorio and Alba in Milan very soon and it’s all been already organized by me (the idiot who can’t count to 3, according to the related laws and to the 2 brain injured judges who used them against me & amy my 2 conservators-losers....).

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


This below is what I advise my readers to watch in the morning before breakfast to help/support your digestion of whatever your breakfast can be......late last night I was watching yet another of my movies in Prime and I HAD TO SEARCH  into Youtube if someone as bad as me would have thought it to be urgent to post this specific part of the movie jackass 5, well......I'm pleased to say that - once again - I can prove with this video that I'm not alone in my universe of dementia!!.................enjoy!!!

Forget NOT to watch this BEFORE anything goes into your mouth, finally exit from your ARSHOLE😂😊 😂

Monday, June 17, 2019


Ithak Bentov was a pioneering thinker who did point us towards a non-materialistic explanation of consciousness. He explains some of the most difficult concepts of physics and heightened consciousness in ways that are easily understood (by my injured bran too). He was a Czechoslovakia-born Israeli-American scientist and inventor, who became an innovator in the field of bio-medical engineering in the USA. He suggested that consciousness is the common uniting element of all creation, and that through this link all things are in permanent contact.
Itzhak Bentov was a mechanical engineer, inventor, author and mystic and explorer of cosmic consciousness too.
This presents a model for the interaction of the universe and human thought that has profound implications for our future.
With a holistic model of the universe that encompassed not only physical, observable objects but also the distant universe and other ‘realities’ in writing the book entitled “Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the quantum mechanics of consciousness” He was able to combine his curious mind with a courageous soul to explore the unknown realms of cosmic consciousness with just wit and humor as his luggage. His plan was to publish some of his work as a comic strip instead of a cosmic trip! Bentov had two ways to prepare himself for his “trips,” which were not drug-induced (mmmhhhhh!!). Initially, like Archimedes, he used the “wet method” of soaking in a bathtub full of hot water, going into a “twilight zone” to get flashes or ideas that he scribbled down on a notepad. Later he favored the “drier method” of meditation and relaxed concentration. He wrote: “I could attain remote reality by simply visualizing myself to be there, and there I was…

What did Bentov see at the highest levels of cosmic consciousness?
“There is no limit to the extent of human cosmic consciousness. It can expand to fill the universe, and then you can talk to the Creator. You can talk to all the beings, who are gods (as I’ve been saying for months); you have a diplomatic visa to infinity.” – Itzhak Bentov.
Bentov described two groups of advanced beings in different areas of the Absolute, the dark void above Manifest Creation, which looks like a translucent, shimmering sphere. Pure consciousness flows through your body, but it adds a slight vibration to it to produce a certain effect on the evolution of particular planets, because they have compassion for the beings on them. They will keep evolving and in time leave the population of Nirvana far behind.
What really left an impression of the thinking depth of this multi-faceted man is his saying: Our path is uniquely ours, so we own it. Don’t look for the meaning of life elsewhere. Give it its meaning by who you choose to be and how you choose to do things. Learn as you go. You are no less than a creator being in training in this and every moment of your life, which is eternal.
Itzhak Bentov has provided a new perspective on human consciousness and its limitless possibilities. Widely known and loved for his delightful humor and imagination, Bentov explains the familiar world of phenomena with perceptions that are as lucid as they are thrilling. He gives us a provocative picture of ourselves in an expanded, conscious, holistic universe. Amazon Prime Kindle book reading truly has opened doors that I’d never imagined to exist and – even if alone – I can fill my immense sadness and solitude with truly magnificent works of art.


Saturday, June 15, 2019


Regardless that the true reason to explain that I’ve been forbidden for too many years to receive the treatment that I’ve been studying for years “only” with the current medical/biophysical leader (Ian) of the movement to have through a clinical trial for the Australian FDA approve what Michael D. (who, just for dhelping me to learn all I could of this treatment should have kept the check I had given to him… my own humble opinion) had attempted to support me with.
The Pharmaceutical companies are heavily regulated to ensure they are in compliance with federal safety laws. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that new drugs are rigorously tested for safety, efficacy and minimal side effects.
According to Open-Secrets, a nonpartisan, independent research group tracking money in US politics, individual companies within the pharmaceuticals and health products sector spent $194.3 million on lobbying as of October 24, 2018 over and above the amount disclosed by the BIG PHRMA.
For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has been highly profitable. When pharmaceutical profits soar, more companies enter the business, thereby bringing more drugs to market at lower prices until profits dwindle enough to reduce the incentive for new companies to compete for pharmaceutical profits.
The global pharmaceuticals market was worth $934.8 billion in 2017 and will reach $1,170 billion in 2021, growing at 5.8%, according to a recent pharma market research report by The Business Research Company.
Of the nearly $30 billion that, health companies now spend on medical marketing each year, around 68 percent (or about $20 billion) goes to persuading doctors and other medical professionals—not consumers—of the benefits of prescription drugs.
According to OpenSecrets, a nonpartisan, independent research group tracking money in US politics, individual companies within the pharmaceuticals and health products sector spent $194.3 million on lobbying as of October 24, 2018 over and above the amount disclosed by PhRMA.
Now, as for the very basic and about universally prescription used in TBI cases I had mentioned here already that in using Trileptal , that’s an anticonvulsant medication used to treat epilepsy, but it's also sometimes prescribed off-label to treat bipolar disorder. Trileptal is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat partial seizures in adults, I’ve personally spent, to have/use this far only half mil $$$$ because I’ve been swallowing one single pill 3 times a day, each day 3 pills of it for the modest amount of just 100.000 pills in almost 15 years, up to date……..If on top you add that – aside this Trileptal I’ve been on nine other prescriptions……you do the math…
Its tablets contain the active ingredient oxcarbazepine, which is prescription used to treat epilepsy. It works by establishing electrical activity in the brain. The brain and nerves are made up of many nerve cells that communicate with each other through electrical signals. (From which is the basis of the wonderful quantum physics theories and all of its connections and developments that have fully taken my interest and mathematical mind, lately).
Common side effects of Trileptal include: dizziness, drowsiness, tired feeling, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and diarrhea.
Well, dear readers I can only shamefully agree with this list…….L
Head trauma is one of the most commonly identified reasons that patients develop epilepsy. Most studies suggest that approximately 6% of patients with epilepsy have TBI as the cause. The more severe the head trauma, the higher the risk of developing epilepsy (I was having just very mild seizures that I could immediately stop by pulling the right hand thumb).
One of the problems that can occur after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is seizures. ... Some may occur months or years after the injury. About 70-80% of people who have seizures is helped by medications, and can return to usual activities. Rarely, seizures can make you much worse or even cause death.
Bottom line having a hugely powerful industry such as the big pharma is, its immense revenues and profits all mixed up with its unbelievable Influence with the congress/men has resulted in the quasi impossibility to have what Dr. Tobinick (and his brother in FL) to have his “patented medical system be part of a clinical trial to have this miraculous (as reported in very many magazines) treatment be FDA approved.
I mean, as a former successful company president, there’s no way in the world that I may open the doors to my industry to a treatment done using one single medication that can surely wipe away at least 40% of my turnover and profits….BUT......what if this could save me from “taking care” of the congress “lubrication” I’ve been forced to do every time I need? I believe it to be fairly simple to count he money I put into Congress and deduct from it the losses in sales IF I’d allow the FDA to do its job to approve this therapy, so uniquely needed in a time when TBI is about as spread as the flue…..
I could go into much more explanations about the reason why and the how this treatment can surely work, but since I wrote a number of posts to almost fill out an entire section of this (my) blog I advise you to right click the word “Enbrel" here above, to read almost all there’s to learn about what I’ve been begging my family to “let me at least try” since 2013 while being (almost physically) obliged to gift 2 rotten conservators with about $250.000 (that our – rotten - related laws allowed them to steal from me).
I’ve been spending very much time trying to understand/figure out the reason/s that might explain why the “always correct Carlo” was put in such dire conditions by the only 2 women in this world that I’ve always both loved, protected and respected.
If in addition we put that this BIG PHARMA gives so much money to congress in a moment when TBI has become such a national emergency I truly cannot figure out the reason why some type of “medal of Honor” cannot be given to the (by now certainly very wealthy) Tobinick family to release a patent that - in my opinion - won’t be valid and standing for very much longer (thanks to what my friend Ian is doing in AU) and prove to the entire world that the USA BIG PHARMA  is a very patriotic entity with lots to teach to the rest of the world.
Very sadly this is what the free will of ,my women” has allowed to  to choose what to do and – as a consequence – given that (unfortunately) I know exactly what their afterlife is going to be like, I just decided to be like every single Jesus follower has been doing in the last 2.000 years…….a hypocrite!!


Monday, June 10, 2019


As I always do, this morning I went straight to my life-savers Youtube and google news to update myself about what’s going on around the world with a specific interest on Italy, the USA and Australia (specifically for what concerns the clinical trial to have the perispinal Enbrel approved by the Australian  FDAand as it happens more often than not I “stumbled" on a video about the Vietnam war…..well guys, this truly made me wonder the reason why not only we spent millions of $$$ in the Vietnam war “to prevent the expansion of communism” and – aside from the amount of our tax dollars – we lost what I’d say an entire generation of young Americans who, since the average age was 18, were fearless and with more energy and will to fight and win that cannot be measured, after having watched that 15 minutes long video I had the curiosity to search a movie in my Amazon prime account for any movie with the word Vietnam in it and I found “Bravo! Common men, uncommon valor” that made me cry for its entire length, especially at the end where several veterans are interviewed about their time spent fighting in that war “against communism” when teenagers.
This made me want to look at the way a place like the town of Saigon looks like today……that’s when I felt sick in my stomach, in fact today Saigon is the “heaven” for retirees who go there NOT to look at the place where they had fought and lost their friends, they just go to what I’d call as their “cock heaven” as you see here there are today plenty teenagers who make their “capitalistic money” sucking for very little money the dicks of American retirees.

The Viet vets are now all in their 60ies in age and all of them say that they still wake up every morning like something just exploded in the bedroom, after a night of very light sleep, filled with horrible dreams about situations they had to live through and/or witnessed as very young kids who were thrown into a senseless war.
This directed my interest about Vietnam today (the country) and that’s when I found the (16 minutes long) shocking video here above and at the very bottom (longer) that – besides disgusting me – made me wonder about the reasons of all the wars we’ve been fighting and losing both money and young people basically since WWII.
I mean it’s very evident that in Germany - after the end of WWII - the economy truly blossomed due to the need to rebuild the entire country (completely destroyed by the air bombing raids of the USA and England in addition to the ground forces of the  Russian army) but every single war we (the USA) fought after that one was either for (weak) political reasons (communism/Russia) or for economic reasons (I wonder how many more decades it’ll take for the world to know that 9/11 was thought by pres. Bush and executed in perfect detail by his vice, Dan Quayle just to keep low/affordable the oil price we buy from those countries). If you start to look at “conspiracy theories – I guarantee you – which your head will explode like a real bomb, there are people who think even that we never went on the moon……. What’s much simpler is to go and look at the websites I linked below to realize that our war in Afghanistan is too similar to the one in Vietnam, 

we haven’t learned anything about the correct way to treat or have at least learned how to treat PTSD and any other psychological effect on the soldiers’ brains, I mean to see Viet veterans in their 60ies cry when they talk about their experiences lived about 40 years ago....
I guess that I can say that after having spent the entire morning watching anything I could put my eyes on regarding the Vietnam war, I couldn’t resist to look at our current war in Afghanistan and – once again – I saw that my brain isn’t as bad as those losers assessed it to be, because I found more than plenty websites and Youtubes that make a parallel between the war in Vietnam and the current one in Afghanistan, which make me fear that we are looking again to a loss of both $money$” and youth.


Thursday, June 06, 2019


Today I want to talk about the fact (scientifically proven) that the mind – assumed by everyone to be in (or part of) the brain – isn’t injured when the brain is.
This allows me to say that mine has actually gotten even better than it used to be.
But let me spend few words about the powers of our minds, in fact I recently learned that traditionally, scientists have tried to define the mind as the product of our brain activities (which makes sense): the brain is the physical substance (like i.e. athe liver), and the mind is the conscious product of firing neurons, according to the classic argument. But growing evidence shows that the mind goes much further than the physical workings of the brain.
Early cognitive psychologists defined the thought of the mind as an activity that resides in the brain: sensory data come in from eyes and ears, fingers and skin, and the mind turns these signals into disembodied representations that produce what we call thinking. Changes in brain chemistry can do the same. We've come a long way from the very old formulation of the mind as a mysterious form of matter secreted by the brain (blaaahhhh).  In fact, it now appears the mind is just the brain. Or perhaps, "the mind is what the brain does (?)". Typically we humans are characterized as having both a mind (nonphysical) and body/brain (physical). This is known as dualism.
Dualism is the view that the mind and body both exist as two separate entities. The Descartes / Cartesian dualism (I did read some of it when in high school in my very boring philosophy class,,,, I could write an entire book about these classes and their professor) argues that there is a two-way interaction between mental and physical substance.
Then there’s the mind/body connection: that’s how your emotions affect your health etc... etc...
In other words, when people who feel good about themselves, they usually have good relationships (naaahhh).
However, many things that happen in life that can disrupt our emotional health. These can lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety.
This is when a (usually) balanced individual must live in a very stressful situation, the instinctual switching (like all animals do) to the genetic makeup that’s part of what was inherited from the family combined to daily life cannot result in anything manageable .
In my specific case - for example - the combination of the huge mind strength of my former employer – who was furious of my decision to resign from my practically sure promotion to the position of president of his USA distribution company (my being Italian like he is, together with my ability to communicate with him using the same dialect or slang) combined with my “disentanglement” with Michele’s mind - right before my decision to move everyone to CA – (she was forcing me to see a “marriage counselor” with her).
By adding all I just described to my feeling to be completely unprepared to work as president in such a successful company in the stock market (when my mind was very weak) made my accident somehow a “natural consequence” that not only “threw me “out of business” (fearfully maybe forever) but – as all my readers already know – made it “too easy” to lose my entire family (both here and in Italy)i.e. Brent is now in jail for nobody knows how much longer, his mother Michele shows an aspect of herself that disappoints me more than I can say, now Giorgia truly is my angel and – aside her being the carbon copy of me – she really represents my reason to still be living in this sea of pain, humiliation and theft of all I had earned and saved in 16 years of life working very hard and honestly in 5 different companies across the Atlantic.
It’s taken me some time to understand that I got in my current situation (total loss of freedom rights, loss of my past, present and future wealth, independent decision making and medical rights) NOT thanks to my neuropsychological (professional who simply do their jobs) assessments BUT for for the complete dishonesty (plus stupidity) of my 2 conservators (legally protected thieves……who’ll personally pay for taking advantage of disabled/weak people like me or worse) AND because of the complete inability of my 2 “high court judges” to understand and use the (very poorly written) conservatorship laws or show the dignity to meet with the person they are about to judge to (maybe) understand the individual they are going to sentence.

But let me go back to the subject of this post, or to the effects of the human mind, the links AND Youtubes I put below simply support to what I’m about to say, or that when you are born with a strong determination to reach the goals (like I wasthat you can either receive from someone else or you give to yourself, you basically exercise your mind to affect all you have around including people to the point that quantum physics is now mathematically demonstrate that, if and when the mind we have is trained enough AND we know HOW to use its powers……it can be very easy to hurt/eliminate whoever gets in the way. But let me stop here and now before I say too much about my excercising my mind to affect the lives AND afterlives of the 2 losers who have been taking advantage not only the disabled me BUT IN ADDITION of my extended family (about 20 people), at the end of the day as much as I'd love to put both of my VERY HEAVY hands of these losers, the fact that I can easily tell (from personal/direct experience & study) what their afterlife will be like, I simply shake my shoulders and be like the catholic hipocryts around the world.......I mean....not even Jesus Christ could convince anybody, how could I be better than Jesus? (now go to read my yesterday's post about Jesus having been the creation of the ancient roman empire....)