Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Could any of my readers tell me the reason why even if human kind has been fully convinced since well before the Egyptians (6.000 years ago) that after death there is some sort of afterlife

 (many different kinds, according to the time and plenty different cultures), until Jesus arrived in Palestine to show by example that after death we can return living again – plenty attempts to justify the very existence of Jesus from that one that he was a time traveler

 to that of the Roman Empire interested to keep people quiet and orderly by giving a religion based on forgiveness and violence refusal and now in these times that real 
science  (quantum) that basically confirms all (or most of) that those religions of the past and in several parts of this world - with their different cultures have been trying to teach (or preach).
Read this, it's our very ancient history:

Quantum physics are scientifically and mathematically proving that after our death the afterlife is real

 – or that it truly exists - my question is simply:
Why is humanity so terrified of dying?? Could any of you explain to me the reason why we still fear our own death with such strong feelings of panic and terror?
I mean, given that the entire world since 6.000 years (at least) is convinced that after our death we all “trans pass” in a much more interesting and very different form of existence, why the heck is everyone still so scared of the personal end of our earthly existence?
Few weeks ago I had tried to hypothesize that our government has been attempting to give a positive spin to the deaths of the plenty soldiers in the war fields of this world still in turmoil for whatever reason, but this attempt of mine got shut down pretty quickly, in fact our government isn’t even trying to give a "positive spin" to justify the reason to send our youth to very probable death overseas, it could have been done since the Vietnam times, using i.e. the Catholic religion for its very large expansion across the world, instead we kept shipping to Vietnam for too many years our youth to fight a war that was lost before it even started.
So, can any of you explain to me why we are still so petrified when the word death is used?

Monday, February 19, 2018


I’ve said it here before that when I came out of the coma I told to my father and to my best friend – both present – that I had made an agreement with Jesus Christ to remain alive for the love I have for my two treasures, no matter that I was told that it was going to be painful.
Well, I’ve posted here to the excess about my having been agnostic and of my passion for quantum physics – that scientifically confirm what Jesus Christ taught to the Palestinian 2.000 years ago.
I was hoping that losing my job, monetary wealth, personal freedom, and a home to live with my family would represent sufficient pains to withstand, aside from the destructive experience to be divorced from my queen, but the fact that I’ve had to add to all these huge pains that of losing my hero-son was nightmarish, to say the least.
As the true agnostic I turned out to be, I was reasoning in terms of the fact that when the free-will makes us men hurt ourselves or each other, all father God does is to suffer for what’s happening to his children.
This was actually my way to “digest” the additional pain I was given to remain alive, but my heart (and stomach) were making losing my son way too hard for me.
In my mind in fact I had come to the conclusion that my son had gotten lost from me and from his family.
However, I’m happy and proud to say that my son and I have been reconnecting lately, I cannot express my joy in seeing him come to my place (prison) to spend time with me, his only real dad (ready to give my life to save his).
Given that we are together for several hours when he comes to my room, we get to talk about many topics for several hours, sometimes in very emotional ways, anyway to make a very long description short, I bullet point here where I see him being a real part of me:
·         Very clear ideas about life and society (with its rules)
·         Very strong love feelings for “his women” (mother and sister)
·         Huge self-confidence (just like mine)
·         Strong determination in obtaining what he believes it to become part of his life
For these reasons not only I feel to have found again a very important part of myself and I want to believe that my feeling is totally reciprocated by my son.
In fact as I’m planning my short term (but very important)future, I’m fully making him a very active part of it, just like he’s become my business partner rather than “simply” my son.
Once again I’m in the process to overcome this yet big challenge being the dad of a man who has had to live through an exceptionally hard period of life BUT that – just like his real dad – he’s wiping away from the whiteboard of his life, that will continue to be as beautiful and positive as mine was for 42 years.

Monday, February 12, 2018


When the wife cheats, in Italy we have the saying that the husband got horns on his head (ti ha messo le corna).
I’ve been saying since I started this blog that I love my wife/queen, but I was doing it mostly not to put negative ideas in the head of my two treasures, however since now they both are practically two adults, I can say here that I’m not happy, nor accepting the fact that their mother (and my former wife) basically screwed my former MD (fucking B.) and she even attempted to fully replace me with that bag of putrid shit.
He was – according to her sad brain (way more fucked up than mine) – their “father figure” who was in charge of their education, living example and whatever the fuck else a “father figure” is  supposed to do for his “children figures”, I must say that I’m very proud of my hero-son who scared so much shit out of B.’s mind (and hopefully out of his body too) that he had the local police emit a warning to my son to never get closer than 100 feet to this sack of shit, I know that 100 feet aren’t sufficient to withstand the mind pressure of both myself and my very strong son; you are condemned already to all the bad that someone like you can possibly ever experience – but surely not live through.
Anyway, to get back to my new horns that were given to me by the woman I used to adore for about 30 years of total and complete happiness at the highest levels.

I put here few links to websites that describe the pains and humiliations husbands have to “digest” in order to go on living.
What makes me completely different – to the point that the cheater tells me that it must be the effect of my brain being injured – is that I still love her and have forgiven her for all she did with him… bed (don’t let me start….) people have been saying that “before you can forgive someone, you must FIRST forgive yourself” and as I think to this concept, all I can say is “W.T.F. should I forgive myself of?” I was run over by an underage criminal who had me lose everything  I ever loved and worked for in 40 years of my life (to that point) not only I lost my job and my US family, but – thanks to few dirt bags who assessed me as incapable to count to 3 by showing me pictures of cats and/or stones, I’ve been put under the full authority (medical and financial) of losers/conservators whose sole preoccupation is to steal as much monetary resources as possible while “taking care of me”.
What these losers don’t understand nor predict is not only that each dime they steal from me is a dime less for my two treasures (inheritance) but – more significantly – they are “buying” their eternity in hell, in addition to this they’ve made themselves – while still living – magnets to whatever horrible they deem it to be (job and/or children), since here again I’m very sure of what afterlife these losers are facing, there exist NO WAY that I may even imagine to give any forgiveness, even if this might result in some type of remorse in my afterlife, forgiveness is too far away from my true Italian culture and makeup that I’ll simply NEVER  forgive those losers.


Sunday, February 11, 2018


My readers shall know of my old passion for genetics, the ancient Roman Empire and the very new passion for quantum sciences (physics and mechanic).
My dearest son has been living in a pretty rocky and uneasy period in his life and I’ve been telling to him that he shouldn’t ever feel low or strength less simply because he’s a pure blood Lingiardi.
However I don’t see his chest inflate and come out forward when I assure him of this, so as I think of how he’s been approaching the difficulties he’s been forced to face I decided than rather than bring out the blood line from our family, I’m going to bring out his having real Italian genetic imprinting that’s something to be very proud of.
In fact, I’m going to post below (few) links to websites that say that the Roman Empire dominated this entire world for about 1.000 years, so in his soul, genes and very core of his being his truly a descendant of a gladiator or Roman soldier – the most powerful army this world has ever seen.
Aside from the fact that the Roman language – Latin – was like English is today the Roman influence on architecture, government, town plan metrics, hydraulic planning and army organization with battle planning.
Basically the influence of this empire has influenced and built the way we do and think of all types of matters today, in Italy in fact it’s very common for people – of any cultural and economic level – to pronounce in Latin quotes used by Roman emperors when in key points of history or used by people on the streets every day.
I’m really hoping that when my son will read this post and go to the websites I linked he’ll become proud of his true nature and realize that his way to approach the difficulties that life brings to him is unique, not only because he’s a real and true Lingiardi, but very much more because he’s a descendant of a legionary in the mightiest army of the ancient world.

If you can remember and feel what you are made out of and where you come from, any and all difficulties your life will present to you will never have you even lift a finger to overcome. Please son learn from me by example the right way to face the bad times and never forget that as your true dad I'll always be supporting and helping you, no matter what.


Sunday, February 04, 2018


This guy is so afraid of the entire world – that he offended and continues to offend – that he’s decided to eliminate 4 letters from his own name plus has had the local police dept. issue an order for my hero son to never get closer than 100 feet to him and surely has a sleep totally polluted by horrible nightmares.
I hope that you – my readers – have understood that I’ve formulated the hypothesis that when we think or pronounce the name God, we simply refer to ourselves.
In my never-ending browsing the internet I found people who are convinced that Jesus Christ was someone from the future who traveled back in time to explore the world of 2.000 years ago (for us now) and show what man will do when the brain will have reached a higher level of development.
This actually makes me think that my hypothesis about men being God isn’t too unreal at all, is that it’s sufficient to read the Bible, the Ten Commandments and look at the lives of the saints of the past, to have it very clear in mind, that while certainly there’s a creator (Jehovah?) of this earth and our universe, God is simply composed by mankind…….us, in particular now that the double slit experiment and quantum physics are scientifically demonstrating that all we see, measure and study (including this and the parallel universes) are products of our mind.
The fact that B. - with his God – is afraid to the point that he’s been trying to build protective walls around himself, makes me smile because his only concern should be only about his soul once he’ll die (I bet due to brain cancer or tumor), this is the very reason I gave to my wonderful and very beloved son to stop thinking to the way to terminate this B., he’s going to be forced to repay what he owes to mankind and to himself forever, so why the heck would anyone want to get in trouble with the earthly law?
It truly would be a great satisfaction to hurt him so bad to end his living, but since his own God will take care of his wrongs forever, what’s the point to terminate the sad life of such smelly piece of rotten shit?
Then if you add that it’s going to be his own mind strength that will not only grow his deadly cancer, have his new “family” melt in shame like water in the sun (no room to predict all the wrongs he’ll have to live through).
The very fact that B. dared to insert his cock where he shouldn’t ever dream to insert it will give him eternity to serve the sentence his own soul will assess it appropriate for what he did while living.
It’s true that I don’t understand the why Jesus didn’t make people aware that the afterlife is real and be aware that things may not be very pleasant after someone dies” this is the case where I say that my philosopher friend Iacopo is totally correct when he states that when everyone in the entire world will become aware of what will surely happen to the next individual after the re-birth, this world will change overnight. No more crimes or homicides and every war will stop to never start again (go to my 10 commandments post). Some other time maybe I'll be posting about the cheater too (maybe with pictures).


Saturday, February 03, 2018


“Incosciente!!!” my mother screamed at me every time I was either skiing or riding my one of my off-road (with and/or without the motor) bikes, given my new sick passion and interest to quantum physics, I spent some time looking for the most accurate translation – in Italian – of the word consciousness, that’s very much used in this modern and very current studies area.
The result of this translation effort is that consciousness is the “coscienza” that’s a very much used word mainly by people with religious affinities, but by “normal people” too.
Now, consciousness refers to the immediate ability to warn, understand, and evaluate the facts that occur in the sphere of individual experience or stand out in a more or less near future.
"Be fully aware of the gravity of the moment" which is totally appropriate to what my dear mother was screaming while looking at me showing off while expressing my courage and confidence in the sports I was performing.
Basically “incosciente” is the absence of “coscienza”, that translates in English as unconscious and here on this term/word you can look at the (very) short number of links here below.
In a sense I want to dedicate this entire (Youtubes AND links) post to my great son, who has been somewhat “incosciente” following what his free-will suggested to him to do.
I’m truly hoping that by fully reading this post it’ll be very clear and simple/easy to understand that as much as our own consciousness creates our own reality – before and after death, everything we do, see and know is the unique fruit of our own free-will, therefore each and every life on earth is the product of what, when and how we want it to be……..pretty deep.


Thursday, February 01, 2018


I’m sure that by this time you (my readers) all know that I watch documentaries (preferred ones) and movies all day long, every day and I want to let you know about our amazing intelligence and intuitive methods we’ve been using since the beginning of times.
What I post here are 2 simple Youtubes, with consistent websites linked – as I always do at the bottom of the post – that explain the reason why we’ve been putting a heat when we meant to refer to the feelings of love……..WOW this fact that we knew – even before we had access to microscopes that it’s exactly the heart that is sensitive to love and transmits it to the brain – where we have been convinced that it all happens – connects me to the thought that it was simple man thousands of years ago who wrote the holy Bible and the 10 commandments that this now – second millennium – we find very appropriate to our daily lives.
This actually makes me smile because before being a teenager my catholic education taught me that both the bible and the commandments were the actual word of God – meaning that somehow God dictated the texts of these two directly to mankind – then I receive kind of a wake-up call when I asked to a very well educated and experienced bishop in Verona why it was Eve who had eaten the apple from the “forbidden apple” therefore giving to mankind the reason for all the bad we’ve had since the beginning of time.
I mean, it was either Adam or Eve with this possibility or 50/50 why Eve? I asked to this bishop.
His answer was very revealing to me because he said that when the Bible was written, women were considered inferior to men……(no comment) not much of a difference from today, 2017…….
Anyway the idea that the Holy Bible isn’t the direct word of our God creator BUT it had been instead written by real people – like you and I – put a very different perspective in my considering all the so-called Holy Scriptures.
Now I watch this documentary – that I only chose because of the word neuron in its title – that pretty much scientifically explains that we’ve been indicating our heart as the location of our love’s feelings and NOT the brain, as having always been very correct, you can watch the entire documentary too where you can see even the presence of neurons in our hearts, of course connected with the billions of others in our brains……..God-dang! How can it be that not only we could write – on our own – both the Bible and the 10 commandments (go to my post specifically on this) but – before microscopes and the sophisticated electronics used today by the medical and scientific science – we could understand how many of the organs we have in our bodies operate and connect with each other?
I want to repeat again that we people have been very intelligent and intuitive and it’s my hypothesis that the external “climate” always played a very important role in our evolution, i.e. the way we are today, in fact while earth’s climate changes (very extreme in the very far planet’s past) influenced our very physical features, I believe that the “noises” from our surroundings” have influenced very much our way of thinking, our logic and brain-size. Think about in fact to a 24 hours day 300.000 years ago, could you hear anything at all aside from wind and/or rain falling? Think of today - when beside the billions of engines (electric, steam, gas based and whatever else) that surround us, we are literally bombarded by too many images, sounds and thoughts - I mean it’s my hypothesis that since anyone who wants to meditate or focus on either a concept- of any nature – or wants to create something using the mind…….what’s normally needed? You want silence. The more, the better.
Think of the great Beethoven, which are his “immortal compositions”? They happen to be the ones he composed while totally deaf I posted 3 different posts about Beethoven’s hearing loss in 2012 (easy to search for them).
I’m very proud to belong to this species and – following the theory of Buddhist reincarnation – I’m hoping to come back as a dolphin (the one in charge of killing sharks!).


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


This is going to be about my feverish disease about the language spoken by the ancient Romans several centuries ago and in the Catholic empire (the Vatican) still today. My high school was a “scientific Liceo” where – still today – the focus in on advanced math, physics, chemistry technical drawing and one foreign language (German for me).
However a pretty solid Italian literature, Latin, history and philosophy are part of the basic curriculum to earn the graduation (maturità) at the end of the 5 years of (intense) studies.
Our teachers – professors to be exact – used to be pretty high level for an Italian college, fact is that this college (Liceo) has a very long and prestigious history and those who graduate there can usually make a difference both if work is the chosen option or if going to any university in the country (among the first ones in EU).
My Italian literature professor used to write books, usually published BUT in a very specific field, that cannot generate a vast audience, in fact his books were all about the “infiltration” of the German, French, Slovenian and Latin in the dialect (slang) used in Verona, Veronese.
This man – professor Bondardo – had an incredible knowledge of all that surrounded – historically and economically – the writers we were learning about (i.e. Manzoni, Macchiavelli, D. Alighieri, Petrarca, Montale etc. etc.) with a specific passion for the writers of ancient Rome, Julius Caesar, Virgil, Seneca etc.
To this day – about 40 years later – I clearly remember prof. Bondardo explaining that what Caesar did with his “De bello Gallico” and with the several other commentaries of wars he was part of, from the way this prof. explained it, I became convinced that since Caesar all the war reports were all done following Caesar’s example. I have it still very clear in my mind (watch Youtube) the very different words position of the beginning of the “De bello Gallico” - Gallia est omnia divisa in tres partes – instead of – Gallia divisa est omnia in partes tres – that my dad always said whenever we were talking about my studies, specifically Ancient Romans or Latin.
One time my mother met with prof. Bondardo during a parent-teacher event and she still tells me what Bondardo had said of me “Carlo is so smart and focused that I wouldn’t be surprised if in his future he’ll become a journalist for the New York Times”……… NO comment.