Saturday, September 08, 2018


I’m well aware that each and every one of my readers know very well (probably too well) of my recent love/passion for quantum science (physics and mechanics), well I’m very pleased to say that the internet is packed full with both websites and Youtube videos on this subject.
Recently I started to look into the concept of “quantum superposition” as defined, described and proved with the now famous Schrödinger's Cat experiment.
You all know about my having to deal with the capacities (and mysteries) of our brain and is exactly from this experiment that I started to think that I am a human Schrödinger's Cat, not in the sense that I’m a cat…….in the sense that I'm alive and dead at the same time, meaning that the huge mental strength of those who love me (the observers) made my survival real.
In fact given that cats don’t talk, it’s totally impossible to know how and what the cat in the experiment thinks or learns or forms new ideas.
On one side, now I’m hoping to participate in a quantum physics experiment BUT on the other (here we go again) I really wonder what kind of fucking assessment I sustained to be told that I’m unable to manage my money, therefore let some loser (conservator) take my wallet and run away with it.
Now, I know that I never had any positive remark about the neuropsych’s who “assessed” me simply because on one side the entire neuropsychological science is prehistoric, or at least one century old – which makes it just like when a one million years old animal skeleton is found and studied – but when you add the fact that the founders of this science were two older men, one was a cocaine addicted and the other one was a child-molester, it becomes logic and obvious that in a time when the entire world admits that we know nothing about the brain (we don’t even know how it’s physically made…much less how it functions/operates) everyone realizes that every assessment I was ever forced to be the victim of, is written on paper best used to wipe your sphincter after having expelled your excrements.
IF on top of this you add the fact that what’s being researched now isn’t very different from the research about the difference between being in a coma and being dead, I must advise my readers to go to read my several pasts to learn what happens when you die, or that you acquire the so-called universal/cumulative intelligence and as a consequence your brain doesn’t need to take care of the billions of other things necessary to live your life so that all the electrical charges normally used to either exchange information or instruct other parts  of the body (limbs and/or organs)“to do their job” can all be part of the “review” of your life as it was you lived it, see (or have the notion of) the impact of your absence from your “community” or the living world and – given that time doesn’t exist anymore - you can see past, present and future in the same moment…..this idea of time makes me want to say that Einstein must have come from another planet and that soon I’ll post about the concept of time, its direction and of its real inexistence so, stay tuned and please donate!!

Thursday, September 06, 2018


When I exited my 2 months long coma, those who were there (my dad, Saint Gianfranco and my business partner/good friend Pat) told me that I had explained that I was still living due (or thanks) to an agreement I had made with Jesus, given that I have absolutely no memory whatsoever and (most importantly) I’ve developed a real love for what quantum physics is telling us in a scientific (measurable and reproducible) way, I can easily sustain that if I was Buddhist I could have said to have made my agreement with Buddha.
Anyway, whomever I made my agreement with, really doesn’t matter much in what I’m about to say, just because what I want to address and maybe prove is that the religion that Jesus created is truly hypocritical for the simple fact that since all the followers of Christianity (i.e. my Ventura sista) are supposed to know beyond any doubt – based on their dedicated faith – what happens to sinners or, as I had said here earlier is fully based on the Divine Comedy by Dante A.
Now, I hope that you reader know of my hypothesis, what a true sin is and what happens when we die (just read some of my past posts here), in fact what I/me, Jesus and Iacopo don’t understand at all, is the reason why anyone commits any crime while living here on earth, knowing damn well – from faith and/or new science – what kind of eternal existence they will have (either reborn as someone else or – as a soul – go to either hell or heaven and maybe purgatory (as per the Comedy) – I admit that I love what my last psychologist (marriage support specialist and clinical psychologist)told me one time that my blog here is useful to free my mind from my frustrations and immense anger towards the entire world, therefore it’s good if I keep working on it. This is the very reason that makes me wonder why someone who had decided to get married to God, showed with unmistakable actions that he loves a woman’s pussy much better than loving God……the ultimate master.
Now, it’s very clear and evident that if the neuropsychologists knew what they were doing and of the sinful consequences of their assessments, there wouldn’t be any need of conservators whatsoever, so mine would be forced to get a real job, rather than stealing my wealth with the approval of the law. So if I was to be the one to assign guilt , the heaviest weight in it would certainly go to the assessors, while the conservators would lose a very profitable and legal method to steal wealth of all kinds from people unable (for many different reasons) to protect themselves and their own wealth. This post was fully generated by my constant browsing the Youtube videos that don't seem to have any limit in any human area, in fact - as I'm sure you know well I've made few posts with Youtube videos only and I'm thinking that something of that kind will soon come.


Monday, September 03, 2018


In thinking (and receiving questions from few of you) to what I’ve been saying here I had to realize that – as well as we still know less than nothing of our (human) brain, the Quantum science is probably giving the (very) incorrect idea that all we see, study, touch, measure and use is the product of our consciousness, in fact (as I had said here before) I wouldn’t be too surprised if in very few years we can scientifically prove the existence of the “parallel” universes…..boy ho boy….. wouldn’t I love to know that there exists another universe where I never got into an accident with TBI, so I got no conservator, I’m not divorced, my son is a Ph.D. in psychology and we all still live in Lyme where I’ve been the president of Tecnica USA since 2004, still a great skier, swimmer, biker, runner and very experienced worldwide scuba diver.
HOWEVER, reality isn’t that we all have our own consciousness that’s part of the “universal one”, we (or our conscious brain) haven’t created the universe with several galaxies among which is the milky way with its solar system and planet earth which “only thanks to human consciousness got its planet moon that’s the result of a perfectly angled planetary impact that keeps our planet rotating perfectly around the sun and creates the gravitational attraction that gives tides to the planet’s waters primarily oceans and seas.
OK this was at universal and galactic level, now let me get to planetary level:
EARTH: so we have our planet that by pure coincidence carries the perfect conditions for a single cell to be “born” that by chance  (1) learns to duplicate and then in few millions of years by chance (2) conglomerates big enough to generate a being that initially lives in the water but that eventually gets out of the water, “transforms” fins into limbs (arms and legs) to (in another few millions of years) become a monkey that by chance (3) develops into us, as we are today, with our planes and cars to travel fast and very far, knowledge in science and engineering to the level that not only we have the Shuttle, but we even went all the way to the moon (that’s what we’ve been told) and we are now looking at other planets to colonize both in our galaxy (the milky way) and/or further ones.
I used the 2 words by chance here (3) times that in my mind are the most logical, clear and direct reasons to demonstrate and justify the presence of a God creator.
Then others have come up with what they call “simulation hypothesis” which truly fascinates me just like I was fascinated in my teen years to read what Isaac Asimov had written, the trilogy, I cannot count the hundreds of hours I spent reading again and again those books, I couldn’t get over the talented intelligence of this writer who – to me – seemed to be more intelligent than the average……in fact I was hoping that by reading more and more of his works with increasing intensity, some of his intelligence could affect me.
Then I went on with:
1.     Earning the highest college degree in advanced mathematics
2.    Receive my Ph. D. in Economics with a very high level of performance
3.    Marry my Queen of beauty and dedication (to me)
4.    Move to the USA and naturalize
5.    Become the father of the two persons I refer to as “my treasures”
6.    Be president of few companies, in the footwear industry
      Developed in this very sad way:
·         Collision with car as I’m bicycling
·         TBI
·         2 months in a coma
·         Meeting with Jesus
·         See my Queen transform into a w….who divorces me (using my dad’s money)         
·         See my son turn into a drug addicted with a criminal record one mile long
·         Being assessed by (at least) two local monumental jackasses who determine that I’m in risk to throw all of my money away, it’s therefore best to have it stolen by conservators....
·         Have assigned to conservators/losers (just like their attorneys are) only thanks to the superficiality (idiocy) of the pertinent judges (who never received an assessment)
·         Personally experience the brainwashing that my former Queen keeps giving to my two treasures about the fact that their dad (me) is just a (fucking) brain injured, so do never listen to what I say and ever trust me for anything…. “you see? He can’t make a simple assessment right
Ican therefore
I can therefore FOR THE RECORD say that while I’m hoping to have just demonstrated that there’s certainly always  been a God creator, we – humans – are Gods too (just look at some of my past posts) only thanks to the (still totally unknown) powers/capacities of our brain that – as I’ve been saying for months – explains what we’ve been calling miracles and that in time is going to evolve to be like what Jesus had……walk on water, resurrection and so on…..😏


Sunday, September 02, 2018


OK readers, I’m going to talk about death today BUT by mid-October (at most) I’ll be posting about a “new hypothesis that will (at least) blow your minds and that – since I can’t stop myself – I must anticipate that’s going to have it all to do with Schrödinger ’cat…….
 Anyway, death has been evaluated in humans for centuries – especially now that quantum physics tells us about the existence of consciousness (= soul) centuries ago, a dead body, was dead……so let’s throw it in the garbage (or feed it to animals in pieces…) but not today” Eeehhh, you know given that today our most advanced research and science is proving what we Catholics have known for just 2.000 years, or that we all have the consciousness that survives body-death, now this has all gotten somewhat more complicated.
In fact what we look for is the complete cessation of all and any brain functions, such as heart beating and unassisted breathing, together with some (not few) of the typical (billions) brain activities.
I actually believe it to be interesting that I had a legal certificate that gave to my treasures’ mother the ability to “pull the plug” on me…..I guess she’d rather wait so I can appreciate as a living being what it feels like to be in hell….
I’d say that my “bad luck” is that I had earned one of the highest and most prestigious math graduations in Italy and was given to resolve – without pen and paper – some elementary (but complex)equations from idiotic problems – that truly make me wonder if I’m really the only one who cannot give the correct answer.
Anyway, I believe that my (pretty exceptional for me) physical fit must have convinced that rather than “pulling the plug” and implanting my organs into patients in wait, it might have been better to try (my new favorite medical word) to have me keep making money like I used to do before my accident ….. too bad that my primary physiatrist here in town was just waiting to have the opportunity to replace me and even to become the “father figure” to my 2 treasures….


Sunday, August 26, 2018

The NOW’s???

In my – seemingly never-ending – interest and study of the quantum physics, I was initially at least perplexed by the concept that after death, time isn’t measured anymore, because there aren’t says and nights, nor seasons, neither years ......afterlife is all about a series of “now’s” which troubled me very much because I couldn’t understand what it really meant.
Then – of course – my “mental friend” dr. Lanza came to my help with his Biocentrism and I can now understand pretty well what’s considered today the ”series of now’s”.
Few days ago (August 10th) I had posted here already about Lanza and of my strong belief that – by looking at his last name – he most possibly could be one Italian just like I am, however after I learned that he’s a prestigious scientist born and living in Boston, MA and I did read his “Biocentrism” book I have to confirm that not only he’s a “pure-blood” American, but that through his book I was finally able to understand not only what death really is, but my question about the now’s is explained too.
Once again what I found at least fascinating is that – once again – the quasi "extraterrestrial genius" of A. Einstein had figured this all out before even his own death……. And on this I promise that sooner than later I’ll be writing a post about the hypocrisy of the catholics….as I just published in my Italian blog, what I’ll do, will be to dedicate it to my Ventura sista……her life is hypocritical too, like the Pope’s and of his imperium! (the Vatican).
I put here few links about Lanza’s Biocentrism and about his somehow revolutionary explanation of death that truly explains my reason for me to say that humans fear of death – especially today with the quantum theories and what biocentrism says - becomes ridiculous, same as our understanding of TIME!
Please now enjoy the Youtube videos and the websites I linked below.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I tried already to talk about consciousness here on 5/20/2017, 6/18/2018, 1/19/2016, 3/20/2016, 3/19/2017, 4/6/2017, 1/16/2017, 1/5/2017, 8/152017, 3/102017, 5/13/2018, 2/3/2018, 12/3/2016……..WOW, WOW, WOW
BUT given that – as of today – even the most advanced and sophisticated scientist, philosophers and religious people are talking about it and I cannot say that time is a scarce commodity for me, I decided to give it yet another try(Especially following a recent interview I saw where someone pretty famous declared that nobody has any clue today of what consciousness is, neither where it may be in our body).
In fact in the beginning consciousness was defined as the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. ... Despite the difficulty in definition, many philosophers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness is.
As per Wikipedia the human consciousness is defined as: "Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. However consciousness refers to our awareness of our own mental processes, such as our thoughts, feelings, and sensations. It is possible that we are the only beings on this planet that have this type of self-awareness or level of consciousness and the ability to introspect, or look inward to examine these processes. Freud divided human consciousness into three levels of awareness: the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious. Each of these 3 levels corresponds and overlaps with Freud's ideas of the id, ego, and superego. Bodies are made of energy (as you all know very well , by now.....). ... So consciousness is non-located, it is non-physical, BUT energy is located and physical. Those are fundamental distinctions between consciousness and energy. Energy is something that moves through space, consciousness doesn't exist in space.  The totality of our consciousness is comprised of 3 levels: the subconscious, the conscious, and the superconscious. Each level of consciousness represents a different degree of intensity of awareness…The occipital lobe controls visual sensation ( I know this WELL!!!) and in processing, and the temporal lobe is associated with hearing, speech, memory and emotion. Buried in the cerebrum is the limbic system, the “emotional brain.” It contains the amygdala and the hippocampus, as well as parts of the thalamus and the hypothalamus.
The "soul or spirit" is that part of us that enables us to be aware of ourselves. It is the essence of life that's eternal and its substance lies outside the physical parameters of the Universe. Moreover, when in place in any physical body, it connects directly to and is our consciousness. People in a coma (just like I was) are completely unresponsive. They do not move, do not react to light or sound and cannot feel pain (AT LEAST!!). Their eyes are closed. ... If the person has a very severe brain injury though, they may move from coma into a vegetative or minimally conscious state (NOT ME… I’m still here busting everyone’s balls, just like nothing ever happened! In fact I’m totally normal and can get back to work now!!!). The dual terms conscious and unconscious imply that consciousness is either on or off. But the transition from wake to sleep is rarely like with the lights (on/off). More often there's a gradual reduction in consciousness with fuzzy, halfway states inbetween. What I need my readers to know, however is that my 2 (fucking) months in a coma allowed my acquisition of what Iacopo calls the cumulative intelligence while others simply name it universal just because it’s way superior than the usual one.
Therefore it’s become pretty clear to me that I said to have seen Jesus Christ just given my Catholic upbringing, BUT if I was a Buddhist…..I would have said to have made my agreement to survive directly with Buddha, and so on……
What’s true – and now proven with scientific experiments (measurable and reproducible) is that once you rejoin the universal consciousness your brain lets go of all its mandatory tasks (to keep you alive) and its intelligence becomes free from any other task, therefore it becomes very easy to focus on your past life (since centuries it’s been said that when you die, you see your entire life scrolling in your eyes or mind, like in a documentary) that’s when you can pin-point each and every time you hurt (NOT by killing someone with a baseball bat, just with words, actions or monetarily….) someone else and therefore YOU/yourself decide the penance/punishment  that's going to be the opposite of what you consider (or have experienced) as painful/disgusting/horrible and/or very bad.
So, here you go, now I spelled as best as I can why I’ve been warning some of my email-pals, what – to me – are true gifts from someone who never dreamt to have any knowledge of this type.  Remember that to avoid your own eternal hell is fairly simple while still alive…’s a bit more complex when you are 6 feet under......😊