Monday, July 16, 2018


The last doctor who assessed me, pretty much took for good all of what the previous one in Oxnard had written in his assessment, in fact just read what this last doctor  wrote, there are at least 20 places where he makes reference to what the previous one wrote in his assessment of me.
PLEASE NOTE: any assessment of this kind requires that the assessor talks with the closest relatives of the assessee in order to have the best idea of the original type of personality the assessee had. Well, consider that:
·         Both my parents don’t speak a word of English
·         my 2 children were never contacted by either of these 2 doctors  
·         I don’t know (nor care to know) about the former wife
I ask to myself, to my readers and to my judge (maybe next time) W.T.F. is the validity of my two assessments, especially of the last one?
HOWEVER this last one gave me the chance (thank you) to show to the court that I can manage my money, therefore maybe I don’t need a conservator.
BUT here’s how this “experiment” went down (simplifying):
 I was granted of $3K as a start to show my abilities, no credit of any kind (i.e. no c. cards), a bank acct. on my name BUT with the supervision of my guardian/conservator, I was able to receive my monthly retirement directly in my new bank account and I was in charge of all my monthly expenses payments.
Now, without giving real money figures, I’m just going to use percentages, in hope to give at least the idea of what this test proved, or that I can’t take care of myself and my family.
55% of my total income goes to the payment for my residing in an “hotel of superior level” in Santa Barbara downtown, that’s organized as a retirement community for very old (and very wealthy) people who aren’t self-sufficient anymore mainly due to their age – in fact my being 55 y/o I’m the kid of this Villa/hotel, the rest of the people who live here are at least 80 y/o.
Another 25% of my income goes for my treasures support (directly to their mother, who uses it to pay rent where she’s been living and to pay for all the other expenses of a typical family of 3) as a result of this, their mother had to get a job so that she can use her salary for all she can’t pay with the children’s support that comes from me.
Since she refuses to let me live in my family again (as she has clearly stated more than once) the money is all gone by month’s end.
So - no credit - $3K as a starting amount (cushion) here’s how my initial money cushion was used:
   1.  One afternoon – in the middle of the month – the ex-wife came into my room/prison-cell, went into my new bank account – where I already was with my PC - and transferred the $2K of the children’s support into her own bank account “I need money earlier this month” (she said)
   2.  A couple of days later my dear son (my creation, I say) came in my room crying and asked $1K to pay to buy back from a pound shop his sister’s gold bracelet that he had stolen from her to put some cash in his pockets. Very wrongly I gave him this money with a check of my new bank account.
  3.  I paid half the transatlantic air-ticket for my angel (daughter) to go to Italy to learn to speak Italian fluently and get to know the Italian side of our family, all relatives included.
  4.  The ballet school she’s been attending called and charged me the monthly fee for 2 months, instead of the half of one month as it was agreed in the past (and that I was never told).
Because of the 4 unplanned points I just described I was unable to pay my own rent. Therefore rather than explaining to my judge that I’m too good of a father (and too stupid former husband) I ended up – in agreement with my great attorney - to withdraw from this test, I have absolutely no need to try to convince anyone of who I really am and where I put my priorities.
The result of this total disaster test has been that I must keep this conservator, let him manage all of my money AND pay him for all of his “very hard work to pay my bills” in order to support this poor man without brain and no competence (me,really?) to be able to have sufficient funds for his retirement, “so I'm forced by the law to allow this conservator (and his  attorney/buddy) to go ahead and steal all the money that I was planning to use for my retirement (=$80K)”. In the next few days I'll say who I may thank for this disaster.....


Sunday, July 15, 2018


I don’t know where to start about the costs I must swallow for my TBI, aside from the fact that I lost:
·         my ability/possibility to work again
·         my wonderful family
·         my “once” beloved wife (now ex-)

·         my amazingly resilient son
·         my personal freedoms of all kinds
·         all of my past, present and future wealth
The time has come for me to shake out of my shoe (or vomit/puke out) the above mentioned pebbles.
Well, it all mainly started with my wife (and mother of my 2 wonders/treasures) giving her beauty/body and Italian experience with its culture away to the one who was my physiatrist, a loser who wants to be called B. (he realized it to be too much effort to use his full name…….in the end and knows he’s a nauseating sinner).
What very sadly (and disgustingly) happened is that together with his cum, he injected in M. the idea that my paying for the perispinal Enbrel therapy (that’s been patented here in the USA BUT that will soon be approved by the FDA in AU) is the expression of someone with an injured brain, therefore:
·         cancelled my already made appointment to be in L.A. for this treatment (that given that’s protected by a real US patent no other MD can perform or offer, (unless an extension to this patent is purchased in advance from its owner)
·         I had been forced to receive few (3) neuropsychological assessments performed by people who earned a doctorate in this branch of psychology (I wrote already about this senseless exercise in past posts here)
·         Since I was unable to reach a positive result when done by one of these doctors, who has been working very much and hard to build a “spotless” reputation in this field each single doctor felt it to be “personally safe” to fully agree with what that Oxnard bull had written already about me (the brain injured who has now become an idiot).

What’s tragic is that once you don’t “graduate”, the law
imposes to have someone “able” to take care of any past, present and future wealth.
My specific case is both tragic and sad/depressing, in fact my first conservator was a young woman based in Ventura, who – for complete absence of any reasonable/decent alternative - thought it best to continue what her mother had established after her divorce with abandonment by her “provider”.
Given that I have less than nothing to say about that young woman, I’d rather avoid opening the gate to the truckload of angry remarks about that individual, her character, her passions and goals in life, other than saying that she and her attorney for legal support literally stole from my family (me and my two children) eighty thousands $$$ for the (hard) work of one year.
Shortly after she had moved me to Santa Barbara “so I can live closer to my kids’ ” she thought it best (for herself) to “pass the baton” to a former Presbyterian priest, who – given that I’m catholic means that my conservator is a former Lutheran (heretic) pastor who found himself in the “weird” situation to prefer his time-limited terrestrial joys to the integrity of his eternal soul.
This heretic has a high level (= expensive) legal backing too and I sadly already know the size of their bill that they will both present to the court and be approved by a Judge who just by looking at her shows that she cannot have any intelligence  at all.
Aside from the fact that all the conservatorship laws are so complex and idiotic that no legal entity can figure out any sensible way to use them, I truly wonder who could ever allow to a conservator and the “legal support” to fully empty a fairly consistent savings account which I had a very good investment professional in DE manage to grow.
A conservator’s duty is to ensure that my won’t be all gone by the time I’ll retire (as I already have) BUT WHY my current (heretic) conservator (and his “buddy”) believe that by completely emptying my retirement/savings money I had put on a side 20 years ago when planning to continue to live my comfortable life with my wife they do what the law assigned them to do to my benefit? Honestly, given that 3 doctors have assessed my intellectual limitations already, I’d rather use my “leftover” to ensure that my 2 treasures won’t be left with the pebbles only.
What makes me even madder than possible, is that due to my accident is that M. keeps telling to me that “I still love her only because my brain is injured”.
Well darling, you will soon learn that the ONLY ONE thing nobody can touch to any Lingiardi is their wallet, injured brain or not, nobody should ever dream to take my money away from me/my treasures simply because my vengeance is going to reach the “sinners” BEFORE and AFTER death, never forget what’s my (never wanted) knowledge and experience….


Friday, July 13, 2018


I can’t decide if it’s because my brain is injured (motor cortex only) or because – I was told by very reliable and trustworthy people –while I was in my 2 months long coma - I met and made a deal about surviving the accident (that pretty much killed me) with Jesus Christ, now I want to give few information that I believe them to be important:
·         I have no memory whatsoever to have seen or talked with Jesus
·         Quantum Physics (my new passion) explains that after death you experience what your consciousness contains (or is made out of)
·         Since I came out of the coma I was in for two months, my mind has truly pushed me, my logic, interest, culture and intelligence towards a critical analysis of Christianity, the bible in its old testament and (maybe especially) the new one.
I decided today to say here of my thoughts on this subject with the kind request to avoid to accuse me of blasphemy, especially because it’s very clear that by having made an agreement with Jesus directly, it cannot be assumed that I’m a non-believer, atheist or blaspheme.
But let me try to put my thoughts about what I just described in a “bullet points order”
·         Jesus is very disappointed by the Vatican (my reason why I always attach the term empire every time I use the Vatican name)
·         The entire Christianity is a man-made product, no need of any God and/or creator of our universe
·         As the “dead sea scrolls” demonstrate, the entire bible was written thousands of years ago by people we’d call today troglodytes
·         Planet earth is truly a unique planet, think simply to the fact that over few millions of years a single cell started to duplicate and from there our world as we have it today
·         As monkeys (over hundreds of thousands of years) we started to walk upright in order to have better visibility, see the enemy from far and cover bigger distances with less effort.
I can now introduce Mr. Darwin with his evolutionary theory, so:
·         You shall watch the movie 2001 space odyssey
because there’s the scene where a monkey takes the bone of a dead animal and starts to use it like a bat – because of the influence of some other interplanetary civilization (once again, either some God or aliens…) – from that scene you are brought to the inside of a shuttle that transports people from
earth to an industrial factory on the moon.
·         Given what I just described it’s clear that our planet must have some type of radiation or chemical makeup that it makes somehow easy the progressive evolution of anything that live in it…..I mean, from one cell to one monkey and after from one monkey to the way we are today, it’s certainly true that this “evolution” has taken millions of years to take place, BUT nobody can say that it isn’t true.
When I follow the identical evolutionary process, it becomes very easy to say that Jesus was a man born with the ability to use 100% capacities of the brain,  I’m comfortable in saying this because others have already said that Jesus was a time-traveler from the future, or from the time when we (people) will have evolved to the point that rather than using it (brain) at 10% of its capacity - like we’ve been doing in the past few thousands of years - we’ll have made up the remaining 90%.
Therefore given that the bible is a product of ancient humans (troglodytes), that Jesus was the product of a simple quantum leap ahead in the human evolution and was made so important only because the Ancient Roman Empire “used” him to keep the people in the conquered territories easier to manage and quiet.
Just put together that the bible was written by very underdeveloped people, that Jesus was born with extraordinary (we’d say today) capacities and became the man very important for the biggest and most powerful empire our planet earth ever had (and probably will have) IF IN ADDITION you
Consider the latest quantum physics’ claims – that we can create entire universes with our minds (especially when collective) that are all connected with what’s being referred to as the universal consciousness it’s become rather simple for me to justify not only my claim that we are the God everyone refers to, but that through the “infinite power” of the universal consciousness we – evolved humankind – can make miracles (look it up, I explained already what miracles are).
The links here below are simply to posts I had published in the past (ONLY 7) that can make it easier to see that what I’ve been explaining regarding what happens after we die isn’t too far out.....of course - as usual - your paypal donation can only be very welcome.


Thursday, July 05, 2018


Since I’ve had several readers ask why do I call the Vatican an empire, I put here few Youtube videos, followed by very few links to websites that fully support my way to address that empire within my mother country, next I’ll continue with my description of the origins of my genes that are identical to those in my son – my creation – that explain well both my “having been blessed” and my son’s resilience, courage and ability to intimidate anyone who tries to obstacle his decisions (sometimes BIG as well as at times wrong……..he’s still very young though).
Now, enjoy these videos that solidify the ability of this poor brain injured man to simply be always right!!


Monday, July 02, 2018


My dearest son is going through a challenging time living towards his adulthood, I have the strong belief that it’s mainly due to the fact that part (minor) of his genetic makeup is polluted by the “rotten genes” his mother passed on to him, however I can clearly see that his bone marrow comes directly from me.
Now, I certainly don’t intend to make a celebration of me and my family, however I think it important to clearly point out where my son and I come from, because it’s clearly the way our “occidental culture” is made out of.
I’m going to explain the mightiness of the biggest and most powerful empire our entire world ever saw, the (Roman empire) that not only taught hydraulics, government systems, literature, architecture and arts (their true understanding) and – somehow surprisingly – “used” Jesus Christ to develop Christianity with its empire (the Vatican) that’s very wealthy and powerful since its beginning and still is to this day.
In my (intact) mind I feel that my own genes directly descend from those of the ancient Roman legionnaire….. forget the fact that one pastor in Ventura told me – after having listened to the story of my life that “I’m blessed”, truth is that only a legionnaire could withstand the atrocities I’ve been living through (survive).
It’s absolutely useless for me to list the enemies of this real legionnaire, they know (maybe) too well who they are, so I’m simply going to publish two Youtube videos with links to other websites that clearly explain the terror that the ancient Roman army used to inflict to all other armies of any country the Empire wanted to conquer, no need to explain what any legionnaire could inflict into any other fool who may ever wanted to upset such a wild beast.
Aside from the fact that (as Jesus and Iacopo said) I’m still waiting to see IF my enemies will ever figure out (1+1 = 2) that it’d be best for them to let me go and never dream to have the possibility to take any advantage of this real legionnaire (me), my message to my son is that while I can see and understand the challenge he was born with, he shall rely on my love for him and his pure legionnaire genes to be strongly assured that “the calm is back after the storm (of any kind).
carthago delenda est Cato used to say


Enjoy this 45 min. long video about the powers of the Roman empire and its cruel domination.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Now even the most advanced science says that everything being discovered had already been said - and shown - by Jesus 2,000 years ago, I really wonder what people hope to gain, when they feel guilty don't want to do anything to help the someone they care for (love, friendship or common life experiences ) I hope that none of you – readers – is hoping to live forever......
Even the Catholic religion is all human, I hope you understood this from what I post here - I said that Jesus was a Darwinist leap-ahead - the fact that he stated to be the son of God was simply because he was Jewish and at that time all Jewish people were waiting for the "son of god" to arrive,  here the idea is that with the quantum slit experiment we understand that the universe - including the parallel ones – is/are just the construction of our minds, which we are now beginning to understand that it’s with the universal consciousness that creates/d this entire universe with all the others (parallel ones) created humanity, in fact now it turns out that Afterlife is nothing more than the transfer of the electrical charges that we have used living our lives that simply move into this universal consciousness and - by themselves – re-create their whole personal life and rebuild either its painful and ugly parts (hell) Or the most wonderful and beautiful parts (heaven), then - as I’ve been saying for months - supposedly we get to the so-called "final judgment" doesn’t come from a God that gives/makes it, it’s the life evaluation that we ourselves can make, given that we are now  able to remember our entire life, so that we can decide if ours has been a "right" life or we have hurt others (see my post on the 10 commandments n. 4). Then the fact that the "red sea scrolls" were found proves beyond any doubt that even the bible was written by people today we would call "troglodytes" ...... the best-selling and most printed book in the world , which more than 2 billion people adore and take for "the word of god" written by troglodytes of about 5,000 years ago.
I put below links to my posts I referred to in this text to make it easier for you .