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I’m told that my explanation – intertwined with the quantum physics research and its theories isn’t very clear and on this I make the promise to write a post sometime in the near future  (not in 3 years or so) that will describe pretty much step-by-step what happens both as we die and after too.
However today I’m going to talk about something not too far from men’s death that’s something that I know to have “sprinkled” in several posts of the past in my blog here.
It’s actually a “key passage” of the genesis in the Bible, or when our creator God decides to create mankind that’s going to be “in His image and likeness”.
I posted here earlier that blasphemy is a misunderstood concept because we don’t disobey the second commandment by using the word God attached to another word of negative connotation and/or meaning (i.e. God damn or in Italy: God pig, or God bastard dog and  hundreds of thousands of others…..) for the stupid reason that God is us men, in fact when Jesus referred to his “father” in a serious way, Jehovah was the word used (see my post on this exactly).
In simpler words when I say – out of anger or frustration – God damned, I’m truly saying Carlo-damned.
So the fact that we are created on the image and likeness of our creator (Jehovah, as per Jesus) that we have the brain that can make miracles (I’m hoping that you already know what they are) that we have free-will, that allows to us to create our own future in the way we want, desire or like. These facts – or abilities - make us (humans) our own Gods who not only can make miracles, create our own future and descent but allows to us to decide our eternal destiny after we die (and on this too I’ve used already too many words).
Now it’s truly the time to go here:
to be reminded – from Aldo Moro - of the effect that disregarding any of the commandments, our own God can punish us while we are still living (ha!, but wait to see what your afterlife is going to be).
Therefore look now at these examples:
·         That one broke a leg because used too much blasphemy, when talking
·         That other one will surely go to hell forever……..never respected  God in life
·         God’s punishments to that individual are the clear example that to live a good life you must respect God and go to Mess every Sunday (Fuck me!).
Now, what happens if you replace the word God with your own name?
Maybe I’m brain injured but I believe that it’s our brain makes us like God/our own God and the fact that I always say “my own God, or your own, or their own” simply reflects the fact that everyone has this organ between the ears that makes it your personal property with all of its individual memories and experiences reflected by the individual emotions and feedback loops
This concept explains very well the reason why I say that after we die, we decide our eternal destiny on our own and where we decide to end up is just the reflection of what our own life (real) experiences, good (Heaven) or bad (Hell).
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