Monday, May 02, 2016


Aldo Moro was the prime minister of Italy and he’s the politician who had made the law that (still today) punishes with a ticket the blasphemy against God – in Italian too many, funny and creative are the sayings used by people who are mad and take it on against our God. I was 15 y/o when he was kidnapped by the so called “red brigades” that were terrorists in support of the introduction of communism in the country that hosts the Vatican, in fact this politician was in the “Christian Democratic party” that ran the country for several decades.
I remember well some priests (fathers) saying aloud how unfair it was for our God to punish that man, aside that in my injured mind this describes well how deviated is the Catholic mind, I’m going to explain here what I think might be correct about this “tragedy”.
First of all whoever thinks that our God had anything to do with this, shall be put in an insane asylum, once ¼ (25%) of the Italians are behind bars, I can say that the only guilty one in such “tragedy” is Mr. Moro himself for the simple reason that his own mind and soul knew that such law against blasphemy is wrong and it’s been used to pursue (mostly young) Italian residents.
There was a time - when I was a teenager – when, to look cool among my friends and classmates I was swearing God with very elaborate verbal expression that if I think about them now, I can only laugh.
Aside from the fact that – as I said here before – God isn’t truly one who might be offended by any type of swearing, the only ones who might end up in their own hell are the ones who use blasphemy and know well that it’s a sin, therefore feel guilty when they do.

On this line of (injured) logic I say that I believe that the car accident that got the mother of my treasures is simply the result for her feeling guilty for the way she’s behaving since I’m “out of commission”, therefore it’s simply herself that makes anything bad or unpleasant happen, what’s unfair and scary is that my treasures (my princess this time) get to be involved in those bad episodes, however – as my princess told me directly by phone – she’s never scared because she knows – and feels – that my mind is always looking over her so that nothing bad can ever happen to her. Maybe another time I’ll talk about my hero son, but now I invite my readers to learn about the poor Aldo Moro.

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