Friday, August 25, 2017


I believe to have watched (all alone by myself) the movies Expelled: no intelligence allowed and Lucy at least 4 times each, while the movie Lucy never stops to amaze me because it shows – in a very good cinematographic way – the way mankind will become in n-more years to come, or able to use 100% of our brain, the movie Expelled amazes or fascinates me because it’s focused on the scientific division between creationism and Darwinism, I love to watch it very much also because it deeply addresses and explains the nazi utopia to accelerate the evolution of mankind by getting rid physically of the disabled (like me) and retarded giving importance to the intelligent blonds, or what we had here in the USA what was named the Eugenics (now a bad word in the American scientific community).
Both these movies – using different tools – say that our brain is a true miracle, because there exists no Darwinist who may come close to explain how evolution could possibly form such a magnificent and super-powerful organ in the human (our) body.
What can never stop my amazement and disbelief is that in this second millennium we still don’t even know how our brain is made and much less what we can do with it – which as I’ve said here several times already -explains the use of the word miracle.
You all know the huge amount of tax-dollars that Obama has put behind the brain mapping project, but what truly disappoints me is that we are using that much money just to learn what we have between our two ears physically.
Comparing apples to apples I guess I can say that it’s going to take another two thousand years and who knows how many billions of dollars before we can begin to study the way our brain operates.
Two thousand years from today I don’t think that a memory of me will exist, but hey, I’d love to look at all the doctors in neuropsychology and neurologists of today to see what complete ignorance (with stupidity) looks like.

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