Monday, August 28, 2017


I mentioned here in my blog many times already that plenty of the people who worked with me – as partners or employees – know well that I always said that nothing is impossible if you have determination, clarity of your goal, time, resources and ability to make any effort, therefore there truly exists nothing that can be considered as impossible.
Well today this is what I decided it worth to talk about and – as I always do – I put below several links to websites dedicated to this concept and a video that I find too close to me, for how close to one of my biggest passions and for how pitiful it looks like.
Anyway, as I was saying, the “nothing is really impossible” reminds me of the sniper, who to center the target needs a very good tool (rifle with outstanding scope) the target, full control of his own body movements control, mind focus and determination to center his target.
This is truly what I think about when I decide to give to myself a goal (of any kind and as I’ve always done in my life) right now in fact I have and I’m fighting for two different impossible goals, where one is to fully recover from my TBI and the other (more important) is to reunite with my wife and children, therefore reconstitute my family as it had been for more than 15 years.
What makes these two goals really difficult – borderline impossible to reach – are three very different individuals, one being my eternally damned former physiatrist (1), named (by himself) B. and the other my magnificent spouse (2) who got brainwashed by B. about the fact that nobody can ever recover from TBI, therefore just give it all up on me and then my fucking conservator (3).
Therefore, aside from having two objective “impossibilities” to fight against I have three individuals getting in my way to reach my goal.
What’s worse is that my outstanding tool (my brain) got injured, so my situation is just like the sniper with great rifle but without scope, so I can’t focus on my targets to take them down.
I'm however going to show to both and to the entire world that three individuals are nothing and cannot make it impossible to reach my goal - even if my tool is injured - just wait and see my 3 obstacles complete elimination!


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