Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Recently I sent an email to my wife, copying few American friends, where I used the Italian term cornuto and since I was asked what it means I did my usual google search and – much to my surprise – this term is used here in the USA too.
However since I was asked for the explanation of this term I had used, I post here few links and the Youtube I always add to all my posts after having done a simple search for the right one to use, it’s amazing, however how many Youtubes exist with this word as main topic, my bet is that there aren’t many less than in the Italian Youtube.
Anyway, this word isn’t used to make a compliment to someone else; it’s sadly used to stigmatize a husband whose wife has cheated on him with another man.
This epithet perfectly fits me; in simple words my immensely beloved wife has made me a cornuto by sleeping with B. when (and after too) he was my primary MD.
Now, given that I’ve become (certainly not by choice) an afterlife expert I can say with extreme confidence that this B. will realize after he’ll die what a great mistake he made by inserting that part of his body in the bond between a husband and his wife conjugated by nonetheless than God in His house (Catholic church) in Italy and in front of the members of both families, the wife’s one coming all the way from here (CA).
While the wife had been very sinful, B. will realize the magnitude of his sin, after his death only and I can predict that his inability to restrain his male instincts will send him straight to his own hell – that obviously I cannot either describe or predict in any way, all I can say is that he’s going to regret what he did forever which is a concept that I’m going to soon explain…… hang in there, dear readers, that a new post about time in afterlife is being prepared and will soon be published here, no matter its complexity and depth.


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