Thursday, July 13, 2017


As I had just promised today is “free will day” that’s a freedom we all have thanks to what Eve did regarding the forbidden apple, that even our God creator must respect, no matter how hard it can be. I find it interesting that in an email conversation I recently had with a very cultured Catholic priest I was told that the reason why it’s Eve who commits the original sin and gives to humanity the free will is because at the time when the bible was being written women were considered well below men and therefore such a horrible mistake could easily be put in the hands of the first woman.
I said that it’s because we humans have free will that “our father God” can only suffer and cry for us and our decisions hurt ourselves.
Aside from the fact that I was horrified when told that the bible had been written by men, when I was taught since I was very young (6 or 7) that the bible is “the word of God”, in my mind whoever had written what’s today’s bible had been dictated its content directly from God to specially selected people who put together all that was written to form the text that’s the foundation of the Catholic religion.
Michio Kaku describes in the Youtube I put below my usual links that the new quantum science has taken what Darwin had explained in his works/theories as a possibility to say that since it’s all scientifically predetermined, free will doesn’t exist……..well I’m not a quantum physicist, but I can make examples by the dozens of the way our free will still has its very important influence and value in our every day’s life.
Anyway enjoy this pre-announced post and try – if you can – to both comment it and give an offering to the post and to me (the maker).



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