Saturday, June 17, 2017


 Maybe this is the reason why everytime I see for a test one neuropsy. I smell shit…… must be my own injured brain that farts a smelly one and activates my olfactory sensors with that putrid stench that turns me in the dumb ass who cannot pass their tests (that even that hot cheek of my judge has passed dozens of times) what can I say?...........maybe I can tell to my next one (sorry folks, I’m not done yet!) to wear perfume by the gallon, that way my nostrils will be confounded by the perfume and stop shoveling shit in my nose.
Anyway, weirdly enough the brain farting isn’t so rare and in fact I – as always – put here few links and a couple of Youtubes and I anticipate too that tomorrow I’ll tell you of my bro Pat and his BL dogs……..stay tuned, it’ll be great!


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