Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I was born and raised in Italy – therefore I’m a Catholic by default – maybe because my brain got injured, I’ve become a great supporter (and researcher) of all that quantum sciences are talking about (researching and discovering) in these days. Since my days are entirely spent at my desk using my PC and watching an infinite number of movies, I’ve become a great fan of all the movies (and documentaries) in which Morgan Freeman takes part.
Lucy is a very recent one that addresses the immense capabilities and powers of the human brain.
I love it when Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is in a chase with the car of a French inspector who is investigating her, and who is pretty tense with her driving (especially when she tells him that she has no driver’s license and never drove before in her life) tells him that “we never really die”, so he has nothing to worry about (Oh yeah!).

Now, since this is coming from someone who can utilize 100% of her brain, the spectators (we) are supposed to simply take this for good.
We shall make the same “supposition” for all quantum sciences are telling us - since several months already – regardless of the fact that every religion of the world – current and ancient (i.e. think to the Egyptians and of their trip by boat to the god Ra – the sun) – has been teaching to all of its believers that there’s another life after the one here on earth, ends.
Being a faithful Catholic myself AND having met with Jesus Christ while in a coma myself, I have a big smile when I read of the “latest discovery” done by the quantum physics that isn’t at all different from what Jesus said 2.000 years ago and billions of people have believed for the same amount of time.
I’m not even considering the (plenty) other religions that counted believers by the millions now and in the past.
Therefore I don’t think to say something weird or untrue when I say that human kind has known since ever that our life e doesn’t end with our (earthly) death.

The links I put here below are a careful selection among the millions of websites that can be found in the internet and the video below talks about Plato, who has been one of my preferred authors in philosophy when I was a teenager in high school.

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