Sunday, September 03, 2017


As I’ve said here plenty times it matters not who or what you pray, simply because it would be exceptional that the entity you ask for something to by praying could ever satisfy your requests.

Praying is however very important because it’s a simple form of meditation, you focus your mind in what you are asking for with very much intensity and focus, therefore it’s very possible to obtain the miracle you are asking for.
Sometimes I see older people who say fully convinced that the miracle they received came directly from Jesus Christ (or Buddha or Mahomet) only because they had asked for it to such religious leader when praying.
Even my mother tells me that she prays constantly for me and others in my family, but – she says – God must be too busy to listen to her, I usually only tell her that I’m sorry for her, when it’s very clear that her being 83 y/o the power of her mind must be like the power of the muscles in her legs….or arms.
Having clarified the importance of praying, I’ve been praying much more than usual because I’ve been selected to be tested at the UCLA to have the opportunity to be part of a stem cell clinical trial specific for TBI victims like me.
In fact I was told that to ensure that the stem cells will go to the injured part of the brain (motor cortex and occipital lobe in my case) the only way to do so is to inject the stem cells directly where they are needed, otherwise once they are injected they can go to repair anything else that may need their healing work, such as an ulcer in the stomach, a kidney infection or something in the liver, down to the skin cut……you can therefore understand that to spend very much money to produce the right stem cells, inject them to go to the brain and then see them go somewhere else in the body not only is like throwing money away, but it’s hugely frustrating for all involved.
Now my praying (focusing my VERY strong mind) is focused on having the correct results from the additional testing that I’ll receive at the UCLA directly from the researchers involved in this clinical trial.
My story of this potential participation starts at the very beginning of this year, when I saw of a clinical trial on TBI done by the UCSF (San Francisco), I contacted the initial participants evaluator who asked for a number of medical records that I could obtain from the Cottage hospital and I was pretty confident that things would be proceeding smoothly, however it happened (no idea how or why) that the entire team – including my initial contact – totally changed and not only the people changed but the names of the procedures (NOT medical) I’m supposed to be involved with changed their names and in addition it turned out that my first contact had misplaced all the med docs from the Cottage hospital which forced me to go back and ask again for a new copy of what I had asked already few months before.
Anyway all the people I’ve been working with about this trial have been very nice and understanding of my frustration that it’s been taking more than 10 years before I have the chance to have my brain being worked on with the goal to have it repaired.
Now I’m at the point that I’m about to go to the UCLA for the final testing and – obviously – my prayers with deep concentration and focus of my mind – are all directed to my body being right for being part of this trial.
I put below the links to the websites that regard this trial and few others about the use of stem cells for TBI, what makes this clinical trial different (and way superior to any other, in my opinion) is that rather than injecting the stem cells in the blood stream and hope that they’ll go in the right place in the brain, in this case a small hole is drilled in the skull so that the stem cells can be injected in the exact right brain location-
To say that (as usual) I can’t wait to be part of this trial is to minimize how I feel; all I can say now is to “stay tuned” because I’m hoping to soon give a very positive update.


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