Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This coming Monday 9/18 I’m going to the UCLA for few final med. tests to finalize the approval to the participation to the stem cell trial I’ve been dreaming to receive in order to “fix” my brain.
However, as in my title here it truly is never over for me simply because few months ago I fell from my “beloved” wheelchair as I was pulling up my pants and – ooohhhh surprise surprise – I had my femur broken so bad that I received the surgery detailed in these 2 pictures here that shows how much metal, screws and nails it took to “reassemble” my femur almost as it was.
Now I’m thinking that no matter that my brain will recover its injury well, I’m still going to be prisoner of a wheelchair…….BUT no matter that my remaining to be a prisoner, the fact that this could make my Queen (Michele) et. al. correct is more than sufficient for me to focus my immensely strong mind into running a half marathon before I’ll be 60 y/o.
This circumstance has made me think very often to one of the last things that my dad (Saint Gianfranco) taught to me few months before he passed over, that’s about the pain that any father suffers when one of his children gets hurt or gets in trouble. I connected this to the reason why our God came on earth as Jesus to die by crucifixion in order to expiate sins and pains of his children, all of us. Saints like St. Francis might say: “bring it on!” well that’s NOT what I’d ever say myself, all I say is that this is yet another challenge that will need all my focus and hard work to be (finally) overcome (too).
Now all I can think of is W.T.F. how could such a disaster may have happened to me, wasn’t it sufficient that my brain is badly injured already? What was I thinking so bad that my own personal God would decide to give such hurtful additional obstacle? Truth is that no matter how much I tried to find the answer, I’m still without any; this means that I’ll have to figure out the way to start to run again after this new treatment that already seems to give exceptional results. Maaybee I won’t run half a mile BUT no doubt I’ll be swimming a full mile very soon!!

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