Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Or Me Crazy Bastard
It ONLY took me 7 years to understand that I made my life hell all by myself and in doing it, I crashed the life of several other good colleagues and employees of Tecnica USA, practically my unreasonable desire to move to CA to bring back Michele where she was born PLUS my impossibility to ever wait for what I want PLUS the beauty of Santa Barbara - that was sold to me by a true master in this field = the HR guy who was in charge of my hiring made me throw away the president ship at Tecnica that was already in my pockets for the simple reason that I'm Italian and speak Italian like any native in the country, which had made C.E.O./owner of the Italian ski company decide that as soon as the current president had retired I was his replacement, sometime I dream of the parallel universes where I never made the switch and I'm still living in Lyme making tons of money, my son is a ski champion, my daughter has been successfully studying at the best schools in Boston and Michele is happier than she could ever be, my colleague Kevin - of course - would be heading one of the best new product development division in the country and we'd all be wealthy and happy, I therefore must apologize to all the ones involved in my disaster for my uncontrollable determination in getting what I decided it to be important for my family and I, this has put in trouble at least a dozen of good people, so sometimes I dream that time travel becomes real during my lifetime and I don't think I need to tell to my readers here when I'd want to immediately go.
Now the ski boot company Tecnica has acquired a German company that’s been making skis for decades and that used to be the brand of one of the first pair of skis I had when still learning, very young by the name of Blizzard, I’d surely be president to a great company in the ski industry located in NH with a great team around me now…....NO! but wait I'm BLESSED!!

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