Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I start a (short) series of posts that are generated by the comment of my latest psychiatrist here in town that said that my working on my blog(s) is positive for me and for my way to approach life.
I feel the need to explain that what I’m going to say is somehow logic and very well known by most, but I’ve had recently realized that most of what I’m going to say is so new to me and my way of thinking that I can only think that it’s been my experience in the afterworld (plus my meeting with Jesus) that have sparkled all of my recent interest in philosophical and Catholic/religious matters, that do surprise me very much but that I never had before too.
My first topic today is that I’ve read that people who tend to reject the existence of God do so because God is supposed to be like a father, therefore they cannot understand the reason why there’s so much suffering and catastrophes (in addition to wars) around the world today.
What I can say as a father myself is simply that no matter how much love any father has for his child (male or female) it’s because of free-will that a child can get in trouble (for different reasons) and that’s when all a father can do is to suffer for his child, maybe go through experiences and education given to that child, trying to understand the reason why the child isn’t doing what’s expected or what’s good/right, to find the way to move on and continue to represent the positive example and point of reference for that child.
Of course plenty say that, God could move a finger and change it all in the only way that’s right and gives peace and comfort to everyone involved.
Ha-ha sorry dude, where do you think that our universal right to free-will can exist? I’m fully convinced that this is exactly what our God creator must deal with, who would ever want to live like a puppet in a world always identical, day after day?
This idea is so simple that it seems almost dumb to me, how come I could never think of this? Am I as dumb as too many neuropsy kept assessing of me?
In fact I can confidently say that our God never punishes us even when we commit very bad sins, as I’ve explained here already before, after we die we acquire what some call “universal” or “cumulative” intelligence, that for me is simply freed intelligence, simply because we can use all our intelligence, experience, education and logic in a very focused way, now unencumbered by the physicality of our body (now expired).
Again, at death we experience what we put in our consciousness while living, therefore if someone believes that God will be sitting behind a desk and will list all our sins to define the punishment, that’s what this individual will experience and the examples here can be as many as the people living on earth now, however our own soul is going to make the (final) judgement of the way life was lived and on that basis will decide what to do, where to go and who to be with.
I’m sure that there will be plenty who’ll scream scandal, blasphemy or murder to what I’m saying, but all I can tell you is that this is just one opinion among the billions of opinions regarding what happens after death, so take it as it comes.
Ha before I forget, I need to anticipate that I’ll publish new posts in the imminent future about:
a)    Free will
b)   Mind-powers
I’m also considering the possibility to follow the suggestion that a local psychiatrist gave to me some time ago, or to use this blog just like a tool to put in writing some of my personal and deepest issues, because it could help my processing them, I’m therefore trying to decide how much it could help my life if I was to write about members of my US family, but I haven’t decided yet, so keep quiet……


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