Friday, July 07, 2017


As my readers know (hopefully) very well now, I watch movies with my PC “monster” all day long and I often like to watch again movies that for one reason or another get stuck in my mind and “sparkle” ideas of a superior level of curiosity and interest in my mind that “force” me to research and investigate that idea.
In fact I believe to have watched the movie “Lucy” about 5 times so far and while I mentioned this movie few days ago regarding the concept that our existence never ends - surely not with our physical death - I found/remembered another concept very well expressed in this movie that’s about time being what makes reality – including ourselves – as I always do I put here at the bottom of my text to explain (in a shameful attempt) this subject with few websites that talk in a very clear way of time, in addition I post the part of the Lucy movie where this subject is both introduced and superficially/easily explained.
Time gives legitimacy to its existence, time is the only true unit of measure, it gives proof to the existence of matter, therefore without time we don't exist.
The idea behind all these talk of reality, religions, interconnectivity and quantum sciences can easily be put under the umbrella of the immense superior capacities of both our brain and minds (minds even survive our death).
I believe to have said it here before that the human brain is still much unknown for the “simple reason” that’s what really makes us God, therefore whenever someone swears at God is swearing just at him/herself.
Aside from this ridiculous observation the fact that when we can use our brain with some more control than usual/normal we can truly make what we can only call miracles, since science still has no clue on how to explain and this connects to my big surprise about knowing of the plenty quantum researchers being surprised and curious of the fact that any experiment they run is influenced by the expectations of the observer (i.e. double slit experiment)

In very simple (elementary) words we still have no clue about the capabilities of our brain that to me – as I stated here already more than once – makes us Gods.


Very good video that I advise to watch to its end

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