Saturday, July 15, 2017


Few afternoons ago, my young princess came to my prison to watch with me the DVD movie “under the Tuscan Sun, since she’s come back from her trip to Italy, where she spent the entire month of June with my sister and her cousins in their home to study the Italian language at a school specific to teach Italian to foreign young people, she has shown a particular interest for all that has to do with the country that’s genetically her own.
So when we were watching this pleasant movie, we spoke in Italian and I had the opportunity to teach to my princess much of what I know about the region Tuscany and of the way we Italian live and have been living for many centuries.
The primary goal is to make sure that my angel won’t forget the Italian she’s learned during this month long trip, when she went on her own to Florence that’s now connected with Verona with a high speed train, where she stayed as guest of the family with the child who my princess often baby-sits.
I cannot begin to say here how proud my princess keeps making me; she truly gives me the reason to be here still alive – even if in pain.
Anyway what had the both of us laugh real loud is that this movie starts with the actors getting together for an informal party somewhere in NYC and I started talking about the architecture of the room where the party was taking place as a “typical Italian architecture” it took to my angel a good 5 minutes to make me stop jabbering about the typical architectural shape of the arching ceiling of the room (that’s the way they are all built in Tuscany, I was saying).
Once in real Italian soil the movie took place in some beautiful parts of the country that – to be honest – I’m not very familiar with.
My great satisfaction and joy has been to have something important and dear to us both to talk about (in Italian) and share.
Watching this movie had me realize that I’m truly part of a very different human species, not just because my mother language is Italian, the closest to the Latin of the ancient Romans (emperors of the 2K years ago world) but also because of my unique experiences and cultural foundations since I was very young.
This is the reason why – I believe – I haven’t been able to really get over the tragedy that my accident means with my family.
It’s very easy to say that if I think, talk and act in a different way is because my brain is injured, yes but where do you put the 2+K years of culture and genetic inheritance? Isn’t this ignorance with lack of understanding that had my neurophys write assessments on paper now only good to be used in the bathroom after a #2 to clean (wipe) your …..?
Here again it’s my sense of superiority that makes me look down at those people guilty of having imprisoned me by conservators, BUT on the other side if someone feels to be superior to someone else it’s only because that someone else is clearly inferior.
This concept may even sound good, however it cannot be expressed in words to anybody because surely misunderstood and offensive.
Anyway this post is about me having something important to share with my princess that’s dear to her too and making me feel somehow important with a special type of knowledge gives me yet another important reason to do my best to stick around for as long as I can.
As I’ve done recently I want my readers to know that I’ve been working on a post about faith, religions and God’s concept… stick around and come here to check my blog every few day, keeping in mind that your donation – no matter how small – is very welcome.


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