Sunday, July 02, 2017


Let me tell you something more about immortality, since I had referenced at it in my last post about Lucy.
Some of what I’m going to say was posted here earlier too (look at my referring to the NOW) But very much of it comes from philosophical and religious (Catholic) conversation I’ve had with someone much more educated and experienced than me in this area, but I like to say it here because it has very much to do with quantum sciences and it refers to my doubt that it’s possible that the use of quantum sciences and the afterlife are simply a new method to take away the natural fear of death that we all have since birth, in order to make people (parents, spouses, lovers and friends ) rationalize that for those who die – in one of the (too) many wars we keep fighting around the world, or that death isn’t the end of it all, it’s just a translation into another form of existence (some say into another parallel (?) universe)  So here we go, point by point:
1) The notion that scientists are just coming up with a way to help people deal with the fear of death is plain silly! It ignores nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence, and it ignores the fact that scientists generally are not the biggest fans of the notion of an afterlife!
2) Why do we stay here if the afterlife is so great? Because we petitioned to come here, we won one of the rare available bodies, and we committed to live the life here that we ourselves designed. Once we successfully complete these lives, we will be able to rise in the afterlife, and the higher you go the more fun you can have. On the other hand, if you simply chuck your commitment now and go home, you will lower your afterlife level. There is no regret like the post-death regret of someone who has taken the pipe and bugged out early. 

3) We can now prove that SOMEONE walked on earth 2,000 years ago who knew things about God, reality, death, the afterlife, and the meaning and purpose of human life that those who died, in the 20th century this has all  been abundantly confirmed to be true. It doesn't matter who this hypothetical person was. We can now prove that he existed because otherwise we wouldn't have all these 2000-year-old validations.
4) In general, it seems that most of those who go badly off-track at death are not really aware of having died. They often think that something weird is going on, but since they retain the illusion of being in bodies and since time is so different once you are outside the material state, you aren't really aware of time passing: you could feel as minutes what to people still living would feel like a century. And I should add that some of those who believe that death is the end are capable of being happily surprised. The key to whether they put themselves into a weird state or not, is whether they have a strong conviction about there being no afterlife. A conviction tends to create that reality. (This is VERY important in my broken mind).
2) Following Hawking’s latest statement regarding the way our universe began, we shouldn’t (as I did) say that God is gravity (or that gravity is God). The cosmological constants are continuously adjusting, for the universe that we perceive to be entirely random would require not just one throw of the dice that randomly comes up right, but consistent throws that came up right within vanishingly tiny tolerances from every instant of time since the universe began. How likely is that?
 3) God is all that actually exists (us included, as stated here earlier), and just as fish are unable to grasp the concept of water when they know nothing else, so we have no basis on which even to try to understand God. To be frank, it isn't necessary for us to be able to perceive God at all.
I believe to have anticipated the subject of my next post here, or time that – once again – is part of the Lucy movie that really introduced ideas and concepts that are very complex and deep  to both think about and fully understand.


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